Ecologists List

Ecologist Name During Nationality Known for
Warder Allee  1885-1955 American zoologist research on animal behavior
John Beard  1943 United Kingdom developed a system of forest classification for Tropical America
Dwight Billings  1910 United States major contributions to desert and arctic ecology.
James Brown  1933 United States most influential figures in 20th century popular music
Arthur Cain  1921-1999 United Kingdom elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1989.
F. Stuart Chapin III    United States professor of Ecology at the Department of Biology
Frederic Clements  1874-1945 United States pioneer in the study of vegetation succession.
Pierre Dansereau  1911 Canada  ecology
Frank Fraser Darling  1903-1979 United Kingdom author, who is strongly associated with the highlands and islands of Scotland.
Rene Dubos  1901–1982 United States winner of the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction for his book So Human An Animal.
Heinz Ellenberg 1913-1997 Germany advocate of viewing ecological systems through holistic means
Charles S. Elton  1900-1991 United Kingdom Eltonian niche, food chain
Douglas Futuyma  1942 United States got Sewall Wright Award
Henry Gleason  1882-1975 United States most recognized for his concept of ecological succession.
J. Philip Grime  1798-1858 United Kingdom humped-back model
Peter J. Grubb  1935 United Kingdom concept of regeneration niche
Garrett Hardin  1915-2003 United States The Tragedy of the Commons 
Jeff Harvey  1957 United States associate editor of Nature
C.S. Holling  1930 Canada  Being one of the founders of ecological economics
Stephen Hubbell  1942 United States author and proponent of the unified neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography (UNTB)
J. Michael Fay  1956 United States worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society
John L. Harper  1925 United Kingdom specializing in ecology and plant population biology

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