Copenhagen Conference 2009 in Denmark

Nowadays, every social organization in all over the world is trying its best to stop global warming or climate change. Copenhagen is also one among the protocols which is established in order to reduce or stop the global warming. United states Copenhagen conference is taking place at Bella centre in Copenhagen, Denmark from 07 Dec 2009- 18 Dec 2009. The purpose behind this conference is to making a framework for climate change mitigation beyond 2012.

Representatives from 170 countries are expected be in Copenhagen conference. The purpose behind this conference is to discuss Climate Change, Global risks, challenges and decisions and their measures. This conference will include 15th Conference of parties that are United Nations framework convention on climate change and 5th Meeting of parties that are Kyoto Protocol.

After discussing the introduction towards Copenhagen Conference 2009 in Denmark, we must have to discuss what proposed actions are going to implement country wise, Lets start up with China, that’s to cut 40-45% of CO2 below 2005 levels by year 2020. For Japan, it is supposed to be cutting of greenhouse gas by 25% till year 2020. For India, the cutting of intensity is between 20-25% by year 2020. For New Zealand, it’s supposed to be reducing emission between 10-20% by year 2020. For South Africa, cutting percentage would be 34%, and for Russia it’s supposed to be cutting of 20-25% by year 2020. For Australia, its deduction of about 17% cutting below 2000 level by year 2020. And for Brazil, Emissions is supposed to cut up by 38-42%.

These are few of the proposed actions which we had discussed, apart from these there are many more proposed actions that are going to be discussed in this conference. This is considered as one of the top conferences, as having most number of representatives is participating in this conference. Apart from these cut of in emission there would also be a discussion over technology measures. Technology Proposed plans have been proposed in order to improve the future technologies in the world.

UNFCCC will send their signals to citizens, private, financial, government sectors and research institutes to look after the solution for climate problem. Apart from these measures and proposed action, there is also a leaked document named as ‘The Danish Text’, which creates an argument and a difference between developed and under developing countries, this is supposed to be one of an important discussion and surely forms a great debate in Copenhagen conference. Charles Hunt wrote in New York post that ‘Some 40,000 tons of carbon will be spewed getting this crowd together and keeping them in comfort. That is the daily amount of carbon dioxide produced by 30 of the world's smaller countries, according to UN statistics’

Above, I had tried to discuss about the going on Copenhagen Conference, what proposed action are going to taking place country wise, than also I had discussed that one of the major debate will go on between Developed and under developed nations over ‘The Danish Text’. Hope the above discussion is useful for you people in understanding better about this ongoing Conference