Astronomy Organizations

Astronomy Organizations


Astronomy Organizations
Israeli Astronomical Association
American Association of Variable Star Observers
American Astronomical Society
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
Associazione Friulana di Astronomia e Meteorologia
Astronomische Gesellschaft
Astronomische Vereinigung Kärntens
Astronomy Ireland
AstronomyOutreach network
Astrophysical Institute Potsdam
Bangladesh Astronomical Association
Bangladesh Astronomical Society
British Astronomical Association
British National Committee for Space Research
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomia
Coalition for Space Exploration
Division for Planetary Sciences
Eurasian Astronomical Society
Federation of Astronomical Societies
Florida Space Authority
Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía
Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics
International Astronomical Union
International Dark-Sky Association
International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service
International Fellowship of Rotarian Amateur Astronomers
International Space Development Conference
Irish Astronomical Society
Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
Junior Astronomical Society
Lunar Explorers Society
Middle Atlantic Planetarium Society
Minor Planet Center
Minor planet designation
Moon Society
National Space Institute
National Space Society
Nuker Team
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Phoenix Astronomical Society
The Planetary Society
Quasar Equatorial Survey Team
Research Consortium on Nearby Stars
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Société d'astronomie de Montréal
Astronomical Society of Southern Africa
Space Access Society
Space Exploration Alliance
Space Frontier Foundation
Space Nursing Society
Starlink Project
Unione Astrofili Italiani
Ursa (Finland)
Vereinigte Astronomische Gesellschaft
Yamaneko Group of Comet Observers
Young Astronaut Council

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