Astronomy Discoveries

Astronomy Discoveries


Astronomy Discoveries
The Planets Move (Third millennium BC - fifth century BC)
Heliocentrism (1540s)
Elliptical Planetary Orbits (1600s)
Moons of Jupiter (1600s - 1610s)
Halley's Comet (1700s - 1750s)
The Milky Way: a Gigantic Disk of Stars (1780s - 1830s)
General Relativity (1910s)
The Universe Is Expanding (1920s)
Radio Waves from the Center of the Milky Way (1930s)
Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (1960s)
Gamma-Ray Bursts (1960s - 1990s)
Extrasolar Planets (1990s - 2000s)
The Universe Is Accelerating (1990s - 2000s)
Dark Energy (1998)
The Missions of the Voyager spacecraft
Inflation during the Early Big Bang
Black Holes exist
Gamma Ray Bursts
Galaxies eat one another for fun
Supernova 1987A
The Great Attractor
The Milky Way is a Barred Spiral

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