Real Estate Training


Though real estate is defined as land, including all natural resources, temporary and permanent structures on it, real estate as it is perceived today as the acquiring and selling of buildings, houses, land, plots for commercial or residential use as also the construction on land all come under the broad spectrum of real estate. The persons involved in the commerce of real estate, in investments, facilitators, agents, brokers do have a rewarding and financially satisfying career. Real estate, apart from the usual buying and selling of property includes an extremely large field of career options. From a real estate agent, real estate broker, commercial brokerage, industrial and office brokerage, property management, real estate appraising, urban planning, land development, real estate counseling the list of career options is endless. Though the field of real estate is not a profession but a business, real estate training is essential for the people in this business, since nearly a third of the world’s wealth is tied up in real estate.

Due the humungous real estate market and the increasing number of people working in this field, the need is for a professional real estate training course which imparts the necessary skills to engage in this business.The course would also impart knowledge of the legal aspects of real estate, the laws governing land and other related aptitudes to the persons to forge ahead in their respective fields. More importantly it will coach students for the licensing exam.

The purchase of a primary residence is often is often a milestone in a person’s life. From choosing a property, its registration, loan financing and other legal aspects, nearly all prospective buyers enlist the services of an experienced real estate agent or broker to navigate this difficult process. Thus a career in real estate can be professionally exciting and lucrative but one cannot practice without a license. Real estate training schools are educational institutions that provide comprehensive education which prepares a candidate for licensed activities in the real estate business. These schools are guided by the state licensing requirements.

The basic reason to attend a real estate training school is to get licensed as a real estate agent. The second reason is to gain professional help and knowledge and acquire additional certification in real estate training. This gives a person an edge over others often spuring them to greater heights of success in their chosen fields.

It is a misconception that real estate training schools can give you a real estate license. Actually the schools coach and prepare a person for a licensing exam which is conducted by the state. Each state has its own licensing exam and persons working as real estate agents in a particular state appear for that state’s exam. Real estate training schools offer aspiring real agents pre licensing, post licensing and continuing educational courses in the class room. From on site practical training combined with theory classes these real estate training schools have been training real estate professionals for the past 20 years. The real estate training schools also provide a wide variety of supplemental material to help students pass in the real estate licensing exam. To apply for a real estate training school certain criteria have to be fulfilled. In order to apply for a real estate license the candidate must be 18 years of age and should possess a high school diploma. The student must also complete and pass the state approved 63 hours sales associate pre license course.

For people already working in the field, online courses are offered which are designed to suit a person’s schedule. Online courses are second to none and students are offered online pre licensing and post licensing training programs designed to help the students know what is required to be a qualified licensed real estate professional. In addition to providing training to appear for a licensing exam, real estate schools also help improve communication and persuasion skills, boost confidence and develop a strong personality.

Real Estate Training programs and some career choices

A real estate agent is licensed by the state to handle real estate sales. A real estate broker is also licensed by the state and may own a real estate company or have several real estate agents working under him. Since a real estate agent deals directly with the customer helping in the sales or acquiring of a property, his communication skills are of paramount importance. His knowledge of the real estate field, its legal aspects and the ability to deliver the best services to a customer will enhance his career prospects. With a real estate training school’s continuing education programme a real estate agent can keep in the forefront of the field, gaining knowledge and the ability to use it to further his career

A real estate appraiser determines the fair market value of a house for sale. A real estate training program for an appraiser helps the person gain a thorough understanding of the legal aspects of the appraising field and a working knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations. A usable insight into the principles and practices necessary to engage in the appraising business. The responsibilities owed to a client and other professionals in this field. Lastly to obtain a real estate appraising license.

Another vital aspect of real estate training, apart from schools is mentoring. A newly licensed real estate agent can benefit more from working under an experienced real estate agent. The knowledge gained by the mentor from years of working can ease the path of a novice and save him from many a hard knock. The stint with a mentor can gain an agent invaluable experience and a strong foundation on which he can build his career.