Real Estate Present World


Realizing the fact that shelter is one of the basic needs according to the Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, probably we, the human-being became conscious even about the other strata of the society in order to go up to the higher podium. Probable cause may be different, but obviously staying in a style and dealing reasonable with the property seem to be one of the major motivation factors, which had stimulated the human brain to work for the idea of Real Estate.

First step to modulation of Real Estate

There was a dearth of proper planning on Real Estate until 1960, as till then the entire highlighted area of concern was on

  • Salesmanship

  • Professional development

  • Licensing


Mr. Pierson and Gordon-Howell take a bold step to show their rethinking about the Real Estate on their well-prepared report, which makes others to evolve their thought-process up to university-level.

Their approach led people to open up with two major idea of version:

  • Multidisciplinary

  • Financial Management

  • Those two versions gave the opportunity of:

  • optimum use of socially and ethically acceptable Real Estate education

  • The need of Real Estate market in order to maximize the proper allocation of resources

Main setback faced at past

The most alarming fact that invariably took the sleep away from the eyes of the Real Estate companies and the property owners over the last past decades, is the fluctuation and instability of the profit or rate of the market.

Real estate email newsletters are an important information tool in a company's arsenal. They are usually dispatched to present or earlier clients to keep in touch with them and to update them on current market trends.Information on landscaping, relocation, financial and emergency services is given out through various marketing activities to ensure success in the long run by soliciting additional business.

Present scenario

During 21st century, real estate business has become a ballgame of qualified-buyers, apart from the success of Real Estate companies. As for the last few years, people who dreamt of their dream-house has bought one for them and even who didn't, invested money in order to gain some profit.

Real Estate Fund evolution

Previously, the one way to invest money for foreign Real Estate is by buying it. Nowadays, people are encashing their interest in investing money in Real Estate stock of overseas.With the launching of Global Real Estate Fund by Charles Schwab, the global market scenario of Real Estate business has taken a different shape.

Achievement of the evolution

About four hundred investments trusts and real estate operating companies are tracked by Schwab Global Real Estate, out of which sixty are getting the benefit of investment by the Schwab Global.

Graph of investment

The fund shows the following statistics:

    35 % of its assets in the U.S.

    12% in Canada

    25 %in Europe

    27 % in Asia

Survival of the fittest

So the Real Estate companies have become fit to survive with the guidance of buyers who decides the focusing area of their effort. Though even without the buyers, Real Estate market has not experienced so much of downward force on a home price as was expected, because of;

  • rapid capturing of the well-researched land

  • land cost depended on the final home cost

Recent dilemma in Real estate

Currently, Real Estate companies are facing a problem due to the homes with medium price-range .Though they are confident to get buyers for low and high range houses, but now they are overloaded with medium range houses. They constructed those houses keeping in mind the cost effectivity, but for the reason of lack of occupancy, they are running loss on the resources of the Real Estate companies.

Future Prospect

The future prospect of Real estate business entirely depends on the matter how the Real estate companies deal with the clients, and gain their trust. In order to do so, few changes in current situation are required:

    1.Raising the quality of the service
    2.Raising the quality of the product
    3.Lowering the price
    4.Providing the best possible material for customer's safety.

After providing those well-planned services, Real Estate Companies can expect to gain the trust of the customer and profit in their bag.