Real Estate License

Real estate means a property like land, plot, and house. The transaction goes between real estate broker and the borrower for the sale or purchase of these assets. Every country or government has its own rules and regulations for real estate transactions and license agreements.

In United States, it is necessary to obtain a real estate license before becoming an agent. Every state has its own licensing rules. But on the whole every state requires the prospective persons to take training in the real estate course and also real estate licensing examination.

Different states have different requirements for the exam and the course.

  • New York state requires prospective agents to take 45 hours of classroom training
  • Texas and Maryland requires 180 hours of classroom training
  • Pennsylvania requires 60 hours of classroom training

Each state also has approved methods of training for a real estate license; like some states allow distance learning, some allow internet online coaching and learning and some give classroom coaching. Some states allow the coaching to be completed in three weeks.

Cases of some states

In the case of Florida, the process of getting real estate license is simple. The main specifications are:

  • The candidate must be 18 years or above
  • Should have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate

The state has pre-licensing and post-licensing courses. They require minimum 63 hours of course work. The completion of the course requires minimum 70% in the final examination. If the person does not pass the end-of-course exam, then he/she is allowed to retake the exam after 30 days. If the person passes the exam, the results are valid for a period of 2 years. In order to receive a real estate license , the passing grade should be 75%. In order to maintain a valid real estate license, post-licensing the person should undergo 45 hours of classes.

Getting California state real estate license:

Requisitions are:

The candidate should be 18 years old.
The person should provide proof that he/she is a resident of United states
Any cases of criminal convictions should be disclosed to the authorities in advance otherwise there is a chance that the license may be terminated.
Fingerprinting is required for which the person should pay a fee of $56. This is done as a part of real estate exam application process.

There are 45 hours each for total of 135 of course work to qualify for licensure. The first course is real estate principles, followed by real estate practice. The final 45 hour course can be decided by the individual as to which subject is opts to. It has real estate appraisal, finance, mortgages, real estate law, escrow, and like. After completing the 135 hours of course the candidate can apply for real estate licensing exam.

While completing this process the person can search for a real estate broker, but his profile will be inactive until it is posted in the broker’s office. But before deciding in on the broker under whom the person wants to work, he/she has to keep in mind the following details:

  • The commission split
  • Lead generation
  • Office expenses

Some websites on the internet offer online courses and also coaching on how to pass the real estate license examination. One of the website is