Real Estate Land


When you decide to purchase land, the situation is a bit different from buying real estate building property as in an apartment or a condominium because land is just that flat land so it more of the physical features of the land and that surrounding the land which has to be considered here rather than aspects such s building structure, home amenities and so on.

Plat Map :

One of the most important aspects to purchasing a real estate land is to get a hold of the land's plat map. The Plat map will give you important information such as the number of acres in the land, physical features such as mountains, lakes, sea shore or rivers that run across it, township name, length and breath of the areas under consideration and so on. If you are gong to buy land for commercial construction, plat map are highly useful in helping you outline your building strategies.

You can get an eagle's eye view of physical features close by such as water bodies or hills and how it will in turn affect the purpose for which you intend to use the land. In case you wish to build a home on it, you can use it to survey the land area where you wish to build the home, how much to set for gardens, surrounding land areas and so on. When you want to sell off land in the future to real estate developers, plat maps will be useful guides and display your land boundaries.

Types of Real Estate Land :

You can buy real estate land for investment purposes or you can buy it for your own living purposes. The different types of land that you can consider for purchase are, Commercial land, Farming land, Timber land, Hunting land, Hunting land, Land Parcels, Recreational land, Commercial farming and Retirement land.

Tips for Buying Real Estate Land :

Land buying can be very profitable as you are sure to see it rise in value in the future and provide you with the return that you require on sales. Land that you buy must posses the features and qualities you need for its intended usage. Whatever be the reason for buying it, you need to keep certain factors in mind such as:

  • Ensure that the land is free of any legal issues the by obtaining a clear title on it. It should not be a disputed place or a place in which acquisition will have legal hindrances.
  • One of the most important aspects is ensuring that getting electricity in your land area is not a hassle. The electricity supply should come right up to the front of the property or at least somewhat close to it, otherwise it will cost you $2000/pole to bring the electricity to your home.
  • Do look into the plat map, is you land falling into swamp area? Check this out is of paramount important to get land that you can do some constructive work or sell off well in the future. If you are okay about buying swamp land, you need to know how want you can do with it.
  • It's better to buy land closer to where you live the better you can monitor it. In case you want to sell it off, this will be easy too.
  • Ensure to buy land that is having areas enough to build at least one home. If you have land areas lesser than this, selling can be a problem as there is little usage for it.

Summary :

Land buying is an attractive venture. Check on the land area, the features of the land under consideration, the pricing and most importantly if it can fulfill the requirements for which you are buying it - such as for building a home, farming hunting grounds and so on. Make a comparative study of with other similar land areas up for sale. If you require any zoning help check with the town mayor to get your work done.