Real Estate Investor


Real estate investor is a person who makes his living by investing in buying houses or commercial property and then selling them. A real estate investor has to keep his eyes and ears open about possible good deals.

Many time people have to sell their homes or property in distress because of some tragedy in the house, loss of income or illness. A real estate investor must always keep an eye on such houses or property to strike a good bargain.

It is advisable to look for houses which don't need much investment in renovating and refurbishing it. The houses which need many structural changes should be totally avoided as it would cut down your profit margin. Instead you should opt for houses which would fetch you more profit after doing some minor changes here and there.

You should also keep a close eye on not-so-well-maintained houses in posh localities for such bargains. Give a new look to these houses by getting them painted and making some minor changes and you may earn a good profit margin for yourself. But in such cases, you must make sure that you do not overspend on the house or property.

It is important that you close the deal in your favor as soon as possible because a little delay may cost you a good bargain as distressed seller may need the money immediately. Therefore, it is advisable to get an approval for a loan beforehand so that it is easier for you to close the deal quickly.

Some tips that a real estate investor should keep in mind are:

  • Follow the old adage ''Don't mix business with family and friends'' to the T if you don't want to suffer losses or be ridiculed by your family or friends.
  • Real estate investor must appoint a title company and real estate attorney as it will prevent you from making mistakes and losing money in future. They will also take care of technical details about the deal.
  • You must make sure that the house Real estate investor are buying is the property of the seller and not anyone else. Real estate investor must ensure that you have both quit claim deed and title insurance before closing any deal. It will save you from lots of problems, including legal wrangles, in the future. Mere getting quit claim deed from the seller won't suffice as title insurance is needed as a proof that the seller is the original owner of the property.
  • It is necessary that you get a deed of trust recorded along with full legal description or attached 'exhibit'. Real estate investor must also make sure that you get title insurance before you get deed of trust recorded.
  • Real estate investor should ascertain beforehand the true market value of the property Real estate investor intend to buy. Real estate investor must also have an idea what amount the property would fetch after doing some renovation. Try and consult three to four property dealers to get a fairly good idea. Overestimating or underestimating the true value of the property may lead to heartburn and of course loss of money.
  • It is advisable that you refrain from doing renovations which may need inspection or validation by authorities like rewiring. Real estate investor may be held accountable in case there is any problem in the future and you don't have the required permit.

Real Estate Investor Courses

If you are still not convinced about your capacity as a real estate investor, you can enroll yourself in different Real estate investor courses related to real estate like marketing houses, how to negotiate prices, property management etc.,

Real Estate Investing Books

Many books are available in the market which teaches you nuances about ways and means of becoming a successful real estate investor. Some of the authors who have written excellent Real estate investing books on real estate investing are Dianne Kennedy, Peter Conti, Jay Mitton and Bill Bronchick.

Real Estate Investing may be a tough nut to crack initially but with experience, knowledge and smart thinking it can be turned into a lucrative business.