Real Estate Database


Real Estate Database maintained by real estate companies is the cornerstone of a flourishing business.

Real Estate Property Information

Dealing in real estate requires weighing a number of options, before settling for the perfect property. The choice of factors differs but they generally focus on demographic and geographic data, weather and work location and list of schools and businesses operating in the area. Real estate companies maintain property description reports that contain information about the area surrounding the concerned property plus details such as lot dimensions, year built and a comparative sales analysis centered on square foot of living area.

Real Estate Contact Data

Information regarding earlier, current, and potential clients is prepared and maintained by real estate companies. Each client category demands various levels of attention and assistance. Real estate companies have to be in constant contact with their clients by providing them useful data, such as photos of homes recently closed or up for sale in the area and other neighbourhood information.Keeping clients informed about real estate market statistics and other related data is the key to maintaining and retaining customers.

Real Estate Property Listing

A listing of all property types in the neighbourhood is maintained by a real estate company. Data such as sales price, property size, location, and snapshots of the property are stored in the real estate company's database. Data is available on a number of properties across the nation. This is useful in keeping customers informed about an available property and to effectively market it.

A thorough study of the underlying properties such as residential or vacation homes, shopping plazas, warehouses, retail or office space or a mixture of any of these is required since each property type has a specific set of factors affecting its performance. For instance, when viewing industrial property, factors such as closeness to the railroad or seaport, loading and unloading facilities and availability of covered outdoor space play a vital role in final selection.

Real Estate Appraisal Data

Real estate companies maintain appraisal data to help property owners ascertain the actual value of their property in relation to other properties in the area.Appraisal data and programs concerning properties up for sale along with those recently sold gives clients a clear idea of factors that play a major role in adding value to property, such as lot dimensions, landscaping and latest fittings and appliances.Real Estate appraisal information also throws light on the features that enhance or undermine the property's value.

Real Estate Sales Data

Information on home sales for particular neighborhoods is maintained by real estate companies and is extremely important in assessing a property's worth.Armed with the sales data, clients can make a comparative study of other properties in the area. These sales figures are the basis of assessing the value of a property, and are the most preferred resource of clients.

Real Estate Promotion Data

Real estate companies must develop marketing plans catering to different market segments to tap new clients. Although established companies count on their standing and referral base to attract additional customers, new companies must undertake real estate promotion activities to expand their real estate business. Marketing plans can involve advertising through websites and direct mail campaigns, where information is disbursed to a widely distributed client base.Real estate flyers are invaluable in disseminating information about the property price, size, address and room count to targeted customers.

Real estate email newsletters are an important information tool in a company's arsenal. They are usually dispatched to present or earlier clients to keep in touch with them and to update them on current market trends.Information on landscaping, relocation, financial and emergency services is given out through various marketing activities to ensure success in the long run by soliciting additional business.

Real Estate Maps & Photos

Location largely influences most real estate decisions and this has created the need for real estate maps. These maps are made readily available by companies to enable clients to drive to the property site and have a first hand view.In this age of extremely knowledgeable clients and real time information, many real estate companies are noticing that clients are seeking comprehensive information. Aerial pictures make an immediate impact on clients. These photos reveal the nearby environs of a property site and enable the client to picture the distance to familiar sights, amenities, the landscape and notably the size of the property. This helps forge an emotional bond that translates into a sale.Aerial pictures of real estate are the hottest tools that helps give a company a leading edge over others. Thus, real estate data is crucial to real estate transactions.