Real Estate Calculators

Real Estate is a financially lucrative field but complex too. Most real estate transactions are not simple give and take, and by the time you factor in commissions, taxes, insurance, fees, closing costs, percentages and what else the end result has already befuddled the homeowner.

Earlier real estate professionals put down all the relevant figures on a sheet of paper and then used standard calculators. The results were put back into the paper and the person then once again calculated to get everything right. Once all the calculations were on paper the realtors figured out commissions, mortgage, and investment potential and so forth. This process took greater part of the realtors time and was still not error proof.

Real estate calculators are user friendly software tools that can be used by professionals and novices alike. Also prospective homeowners and lay people can use them to make any real estate calculation they want.

Benefits and Uses of Real Estate Calculators
  • Real Estate Calculators are handy tools for real estate professionals as well as other people who desire to invest in real estate. Realtors and other real estate people concerned with the buying and selling of property find the different real estate calculators indispensable to their everyday work.
  • An appraiser, who evaluates property, can modify the software on a real estate calculator and then use the saved settings by entering the required figures.
  • Rental agents also find the rental calculator an important tool in calculating rents by taking into account the area price, square footage of the rental property and taxes. Advanced software also stores the history of a particular rental, thereby letting the agent know all the issues associated with it.
  • The mortgage loan calculator helps homeowners compute and compare a variety of mortgage options to find the one option beneficial to them. By altering the loan term and interest rates you can arrive at an option that best suits you.
  • Real estate investors and professionals involved in construction or other real estate deals find the investment calculator helpful in calculating investments and accrued profits before undertaking a project.
  • Some real estate calculators help compare options such as buying a property or renting one, which is a help to those who are thinking about purchasing a residence.
  • The most important benefit of real estate calculator apart from making calculations easy for professionals is to the average person, who venture to buy a home or property for investment. Such people can utilize the user-friendly software to arrive at their own results rather than depending on agents. Real estate calculators help you to understand the financial implications of purchasing real estate. Once you calculate mortgage payments or rentals or loans you gain a fair idea of the payments you will be incurring in the coming years. This knowledge aids you in adjusting your expenses and preparing for the loan repayment.
  • Lastly real estate calculators do away the need for manually toting up numbers and sheets of calculation. Modified software is available to compute all real estate calculations from profits to payments.

Some Examples of Real Estate Calculators:

The real estate calculators given below give an idea how indispensable they are to real estate transactions.

Simple Mortgage Calculator:

Simple mortgage calculator determines the amortization schedule once you enter the loan amount and loan term.

Loan details

  • Loan amount-$100,000
  • Loan term-30 years
  • Interest rate-8.25%
  • Annual tax-$200
  • Annual insurance amount-$120

After entering these details you press calculate on the calculator.


  • Monthly amortization schedule-$751.26
  • Monthly tax-$16.66
  • Monthly insurance-$10
  • Total monthly payment-$777.93.
Area calculator:

If you have purchased a property and independently wish to calculate its area, the area calculator is handy. Area calculator computes the area of triangular, square and even irregular plots.

Suppose you have a triangular plot with dimensions of side A as 600 yards, side B as 225 yards and side C as 150 yards. When you enter thee figures and calculate the total area of the plot is 5976.4348 square yards.

Home Affordability Calculator

If you have a regular job and a steady source of income, you can think about purchasing a home. Is your income sufficient to qualify for a home mortgage? This calculator answers this question.

The software of home affordability calculator helps arrive at an affordable home price and is set on the guidelines used by lenders, that is a total debt-to-income ratio of nearly 36%. The housing payment-to-income ratio is 28% for the conservative estimate and 33% for the aggressive estimate. Home purchasers are also advised to factor in other savings like college fees etc. This calculator works on the assumption that your downpayment will be 20% of the total cost of the house and the loan term will be 30 years.

  • Gross Annual income--$90,000
  • Downpayment-$20,000
  • Monthly debt (college fees, credit card payments)--$1,200
  • Mortgage rate--6.75%
  • Annual property tax--$3,500
  • Annual homeowners insurance--$481

After you enter these figures and calculate, you get two estimates a conservative model and an aggressive model. Choose whichever suits you best.

Conservative Estimate:

  • Minimum house price--$200,119.25
  • Loan amount--$180,119.25
  • Monthly payment--$1,168.25
  • Taxes/homeowners insurance--$331.75
  • Amortization schedule--$1,500

Aggressive Estimate:

  • Minimum house price--$223,246.05
  • Loan amount--$203,246.05
  • Monthly payment--$1,318.25
  • Taxes/homeowners insurance--$331.75
  • Amortization schedule--$1,650
Remodeling Calculator

Suppose you undertake major remodeling of your house or simply some major repair work, you would like to know how this affects the value of your home. Remodeling calculators are based on the 'Cost Vs Value' approach to calculate percentages and costs.

Attic Bedroom Remodel
  • Median job cost-$44,073
  • Percentage of cost recovered during sale-79.90%
  • Value at sale-$35,228

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Average job cost-$54,241
  • Percentage you will get back during a sale-80.40%
  • Value at sale-$43,603

Maximum House price you can afford, if you decide your mortgage payment calculator

  • Decided monthly mortgage payment-$1000
  • Downpayment-$150,000
  • Loan term-30years
  • Interest rate-6.5%
  • Tax-3%
  • Insurance rate-0.4%


  • Maximum house price for the above figures-$119,599.

    Monthly Mortgage Payment Real Estate Calculator

    • House price-$100,000
    • Downpayment-$20,000
    • Loan term-30 years
    • Interest rate-6.5%
    • Tax-2%
    • Insurance-0.4%

    Enter the above figures and calculate

    • Mortgage (principal+interest)-$505.65
    • Tax-$166.66
    • Insurance-$33.34
    • Total monthly payment-$705.65

    Rental/Investment property cash flow calculator

    • Monthly rental income-$1000
    • Vacancy rate-5%
    • Monthly maintenance-$100
    • Actual cost of the property-$100,000
    • Downpayment-$15,000
    Loan term-30 years:
    • Interest rate-6.5%
    • Tax-2%
    • Insurance-0.4%
    • Calculate
    • Rent after vacancy-$950
    • Monthly amortization schedule_$737.25
    • Maintainenance-$100
    • Monthly cash flow-$112.75
    Real Estate Equity Calculator

    Real estate equity calculatorr helps to determine how much your property has appreciated in value, that is the current

    equity of the property
    • Property vaue-$250,000
    • Mortgage amount borrowed-$150,000
    • Gross equity in dollars-$100,000
    • Gross equity in percentage-40%
    Real Estate Commission Calculator

    Real estate commission is usually paid by the seller for the services of the listing agent and the purchaser's agent. The commission is divided equally between the two agents upon successful closing. Current real estate commission fee is 5%-7%.

    The real estate commission calculator lets you know your commission costs, the total proceeds from the sale and cost of commission as a percentage of your net equity.

    • Sale price-$250,000
    • Mortgage owed-$0
    • Real estate commission rate-6%
    • Total real estate commsion-$15,000
    • Total price after commission is paid-$235,000
    • Total price if sold FSBO-$250,000
    • Cost of commission as % of proceeds-6%
    • Listing agents commission -$7,500
    • Buyer's agent commission-$7,500
    Home Selling Cost Comparison Calculator

    If you decide to sell your property you have three options FSBO (for sale by owner), Flat fee MLS, or through traditional real estate broker. Home selling cost comparison calculator helps compare cost of sale by all three options.

    • Value of the property-$250,000
    • Mortgage owed-$150,000
    Cost of sale comparison
    Selling option FSBO Flat fee MLS RE brokerage
    Price $250,000 $250,000 $250,000
    Mortgage owed $150,000 $150,000 $150,000
    Commission cost 0% 3%+$499 6%
    Cost in dollars $0 $7,999 $15,000
    Estimated Seller closing
    Cost as % 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
    Closing cost
    In $ $3,750 $3,750 $3,750
    Commission +
    Closing cost $3,750 $11,749 $18,750
    Cost of sale As % of net
    Equity 3.75% 11.74% 18.75%
    Total proceeds
    From sale $96,250 $88,251 $81,250

    This calculator shows that you gain $15000 by a FSBO sale.