New York University for Master of Science in Real Estate

New York University for Master of Science in Real Estate

New York University is a nonprofit institution for higher education in the New York, US, which was established on 18 April, in the year 1831. It is the largest private university in the country and main campus is situated in the Greenwich Village, Manhattan.  It is among the top ranked university in the world, showing their excellence in field of school, departments and programs. This university also provides facilities for their students to study abroad like schools in Paris, London, Singapore, and Florence and so on.

Schools and colleges

There are 18 schools, colleges and institutes under this university which helps the students to have better education and a brighter future.

College of Arts and Science

The college of Arts and Science established in the year 1832 is one of the oldest academic units of the New York University. This is also one of the largest colleges with more than 21000 undergraduate students. This college offers undergraduate degrees in arts and Science. Most of the departments in the college are among the ten best in the whole country.

Graduate School of Arts and science

It was established in the year 1886 and offers graduate degrees, certificate and Ph D programs to choose from. It offers courses in Biomaterials Science, Biomedical Sciences, , Cinema Studies, Political Studies, Mathematics, Comparative Literature, Computer Science, Asian Studies, Economics, Physics, English, Environmental Health Sciences, Ergonomics, Islamic studies and Biomechanics, , Fine Arts, French Studies ,Germanic Languages and Literatures, Hebrew and Judaic Studies and many others.

College of Dentistry

The college of Dentistry was founded in the year 1865 as an independent college named New York college of Dentistry, and was later merged with the New York University. It is considered to be first dental school in New York. The college offers pre doctoral as well as specialization programs in dental health and hygiene. The degree programs offered are Bachelor of Science, M A and Ph D.

New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN)

The college of nursing was established in the year 1944 and is one of the best colleges offering nursing education. It offers Bachelors and Master degree in Science of nursing and post masters advanced certificate program. Ph D in research theory and development is also made available for the students.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Science (CIMS)

This academic unit which was established in the year 1935 is ranked No. 1 in mathematical research. It offers graduate, undergraduate courses and Ph. D programs in computer science and Mathematics. It also offers Master of Science in Mathematical finance in conjunction with Stern School of business.

Master of Science in Real Estate - New York University
» Motto Perstare et praestare (Latin)
» Motto in English To persevere and to excel
» Established 1831
» Type Private
» Endowment $2.09 billion
» President John Sexton, Ph.D., J.D.
» Faculty 6,755
» Staff 15,286
» Students 50,917
» Undergraduates 21,638
» Postgraduates 21,766
» Location New York, NY, United States
» Campus Urban
» Colors Violet and White          
» Nickname Violets
» Mascot Bobcat
» Athletics NCAA Division III UAA, 19 varsity teams

Institute of Fine Art

This college offers masters program and research opportunity in history of Arts, Architecture and conservation of Arts. The college also offers certification course in conservation of work of Arts and curatorial studies.

Gallatin School of individual studies

This school provides an individualized program to their students; where they are give a proper and complete attention in their art education. The courses offered are Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree. This college also allows the students to design the program of study suited to individual needs.

Institute of study of ancient world (ISAW)

This institute allows an opportunity to the students to enter the study and investigation of the past world. Graduate and research education on ancient world is promoted here. Doctoral and post doctoral programs are also available in this independent New York University School.

Leonard. N. Stern School of Business

The college offers bachelors, masters and doctoral program in business and related fields. Students can opt for full time or part time programs specializing in accounting, economics, finance, information systems, international business, management, marketing, operations management, Statistics, and actuarial science.

New York University Polytechnic Institute

The polytechnic institute is one of the oldest colleges offering education and research opportunity in field of engineering, science, technology, humanities and social science. The college offers bachelors, Master's and Doctoral degree in different engineering courses, chemistry, mathematics, technology, and humanities.

Robert F Wagner graduate school of Public Service

This college was established in 1938 and is the largest school in Public service in the whole of United States. The school offers Masters degree in Public Administration in public and nonprofit management and policy, Public Administration in health policy and management,  Urban Planning, management of international public service organization and  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in public administration.

School of Continuing professional studies (SCPS)

The School of continuing Professional studies is aimed at professionals who wish to enter an educational program of their choice. The college provides a number of Masters degree and bachelors degree programs including Master of Science in real estate. It also provides associate degrees and diploma courses in different areas.

School of Law

This is the oldest school in the country and is the first to offer professional program of Juris Doctor. It also offers Masters Degree in Law, Comparative Jurisprudence, and Doctoral degree in Juridical Science.

Silver school of Social Work

It provides a number of programs in social work and social service at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. It provides an opportunity for research in improvising social work, serving underprivileged people and introduction of mental health programs.

Steinhardt school of Culture, education and human Development

This college offers educative courses in psychology, arts, health and media. The courses are offered as undergraduate, graduate, certificate and doctoral degree programs. On hand training and internship are also included to make the students a professional in their field of study.

Tisch School of arts

This institution provides bachelors, masters and Ph D degrees in moving image archiving and preservation and cinema studies. Courses are offered in acting, dance, design, drama, performance studies, cinema studies, photography and imaging, drama writing, musical theatre writing, and interactive telecommunications.

Real estate courses under New York University

The New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies offer a number of real estate programs under its Paul Mc Ghee division and Schack Institute of Real Estate; which is one of the leading institutions in the country which functions with close relationship with leading real estate industry and institutes.

Undergraduate program

Bachelor of Science in Real Estate (B S)

The Bachelors degree in real estate is a full time degree course provided by the Paul Mc Ghee division of school of continuing and professional Studies. This degree provides the basic and in depth knowledge on real estate, business, finance, law and marketing which helps the students to set up a profession in the real estate and related fields. The students are required to complete a total of 44 compulsory courses and 8 elective courses in real estate; they should also fulfill a four credit graduation project during the course.

Graduate programs

The graduate programs are provided as full time and part time courses which accommodates students with different academic backgrounds. It offers Master of Science and certification courses which makes the students a real professional in the field with good decision making and reasoning capability.

Master of Science in real Estate

The course provides the students with the fundamental knowledge on real estate as well as all the essential analytical skills. The students are taught on real estate development, finance, law, investment, market analysis and economics. The course in a theory and practice based program provided by the very best faculty which can help the students in the social environment of work. The course requires a completion of 42 credit hours in different topics. They can specialize in one of the four concentration which are  Digital Design Applications for Real Estate, Finance and Investment, Real Estate Development and  Strategic Real Estate Management.

Master of Science in construction Management

The course teaches the students on fundamentals of project and business management. The course prepares the students on different aspects of construction projects which includes cost estimation, controlling, project planning and labor relation. A total of 42 credit hours are to be completed under this course with twelve credits each on the three core courses and nine each on elective and concentration courses. Certification course are also available for construction management which prepares the students in the topic within shorter time.

Certificate course in real estate

The certification course is best suited for students who wish for a foundation course and specialization in the field rather than a master's degree. The certificate program consists of two sets of core courses with a total of 18 credit hours. The six core courses includes Principles of Real Estate accounting and taxation, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate and Market Analysis, Legal Principles and Practices, Real Estate Valuation and Feasibility Analysis and The Development Process. The certificate course provides a foundation in the field of real estate which helps in professional practice and also provides a base for further studies in the field.

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