Mortgage Companies

The United States of America have the the majority active mortgage market in the world. Mortgages are provided by a number of units; individual and organizational.

There are two basic types of mortgages in US; fixed rate and variable rate mortgages.

Fixed rate mortgages offer interest rate that remain constant throughout the life of the loan; variable rate mortgages or also known as adjustable rate mortgages or floating rate mortgages offer rates that are variable or changing.

Fixed rate mortgages have a term period of 15 years and 30 years. Its interest rates also vary accordingly in the sense that the 15 year term has lower interest rate than a 30 year term. But floating point mortgages have a term period of 1 year.

Some of the government sponsored agencies in US include the following:

  • Capital MAC
  • Ameriquest mortgage company
  • Mortgage secure Massachusetts
  • America’s mortgage corporation
  • MCA mortgage division 000
  • ABN amro mortgage group INC
  • valuMortgages
  • Americas money center
  • Waterfield mortgage
  • Conseco finance
  • Century mortgage corporation
  • Ditech
  • Chase home finance
  • Eastern mortgage services
  • EMC mortgage corporation
  • eHome Credit
  • GMAC mortgage
  • eMortgage solution
  • guaranteed Mortgage company
  • Freedom Investment & Loan
  • Prime Mortgage Inc
  • Full Spectrum Lending Inc
  • Washington Mutual
  • Great Eastern Investments
  • Wells Fargo
  • Home Finance of America
  • Apex
  • America Finance Center
  • Approved Bad Credit Loans
  • Apartment Lending Corporation

Top 10 mortgage companies are:

  • Countrywide Home Loans Inc
  • Ark-la-tex financial services LLC
  • First Magnus Financial Corp
  • Premier Mortgage Funding Inc
  • First Horizon Home Loan Corporation
  • Gmac Mortgage LLC
  • Primary Residential Mortgage Inc
  • Allied Home Mortgage Capital Corporation
  • Bank Of America Na Charlotte
  • American Home Mortgage Corporation
  • Ctx Mortgage Company LLC
  • Sunset Mortgage Company Lp
  • Home 123 Corporation
  • Central Pacific Mortgage Co
  • Family First Mortgage Corp
  • Suntrust Mortgage Inc
  • Southwest Funding Lp
  • America’s Mortgage Broker LLC
  • Amstar Mortgage Corporation
  • Wells Fargo Bank Na