Modular House

A house which is made in different parts and then they are fixed together at the spot where they are suppose to be located is called as Modular house. Modular house is also known as factory-built house, panelized homes.

The modular house are built in a system using a system built system. They are actually built in a factory in a controlled atmosphere. In other words, Modular houses are easily built in a factory in big separate units and then these huge units are taken to the required destination with the help of crane and are placed on a pre constructed foundation and then are fixed permanently. The whole work takes hardly any time to build a house on the site. Comparatively the is cost found to be very low. A modular house too enjoys the advantage of codes as the site built.

We can prefix the whole kitchen and bathroom as per our requirement. The pre-made parts of the house different walls of a house and other parts of the house are made in a factory and taken to the building site by a truck or a crane. You can see a half built house passing on the road. Then these pieces or section of the house are taken to the required area and fixed permanently. The modular houses must follow some business codes while selecting the location where they are to be fixed. There are some areas where modular houses are not allowed to be erected.

Modular houses are fixed on a flat foundation with floor structure. Modular houses also have to follow set of regional building lows.

Here are few examples of the modular houses.

  • Kit house
  • Manufactured house
  • Pre-cut house
Advantages of the Modular House:


  • You can have a quality construction according to your budget. The more you pay the better you get.
  • The labors of the factory are observed very strictly than the labors of the site of the house. That's the reason these people are opened to adopt and implement new ideas.
  • The material used should be of good quality.
  • These houses are moved from this factory to the site area that is why they are very strong and are shock-resistant.
  • Special types of nails and bonding agents are used to bond main parts like walls.
  • Headers are used (twice or thrice) at the junction.


  • A modular house is ready in very short time when compared to the constructed house.
  • The weather does not affect the work, because most of the work is completed in the factory only.
  • The continuity of the work increases the speed and efficiency.


  • The process involves low cost.
  • There is an approximately 5% saving when compare to the cost of site building.
Method of Building Modular House:
  • The plan is designed by the dealer.
  • Then the specification and the price are decided.
  • After that the house parts like walls are constructed.
  • Then these parts are taken to the location with the help of truck or crane.
  • The house is assembled by the general contractor (GC).
  • It is always a good idea to contact a dealer who has enough knowledge like general contractor (GC).
Modular House can differentiate in two types:

Factory built house:

  • The house which is built in the factory is a complete unit.
  • The complete unit is taken from the factory to the desired location and fixed permanently.
  • The expert workers maintain the quality and standards strictly.
  • The work is not affected by the weather.

Site built house:

  • Site built house includes factory-made material.
  • In the site built home parts of the house (like the walls) are taken to the required location and then it is arranged in a proper manner.
  • The assembling takes a number of months.
  • This process may involve hindrance in work due to weather, stealing and also the problems of the workers (timings).