Home Stager Career

What is home staging?

Home Staging is a real estate business term. It does not mean interior decorating or redesigning; it means detailing and preparing a seller’s home and giving it a proper shape and model so that it appeals for the buyer and buyer gets interest to buy it and start living in it. In other words a home stager markets the house or property. Home staging is also called as home fluffing. They are professionals who have the design skill, knowledge and psycho-social understanding to create a virtual paradise of the seller’s home.

Career overview:

This is one of the newest careers and the most rewarding jobs now-a-days. This is a well known and documented as providing the house seller’s valuable benefits when selling their property. In this career people are exposed to creativity.  This provides interesting jobs which are also flexible and offering good income and a financial security for the individual who takes up this path.

As a home stager the individual helps the house owners optimize their property for sale by providing valuable advice and services which helps in quicker transaction of home at a fairly good price. They use various techniques to improve the charm of the home to a wide audience of potential buyers. They highlight the good points of the house and detract the negative points to fascinate the buyers. They are a combination of psychologists, sociologists, artist and a designer.


The individual interesting in home staging career can go in for home staging schools. These schools are institutions which provide the techniques and professional skills for students with different backgrounds. The individual can also learn from online home staging courses or through mail order materials.

Types of home staging schools:

There are two types of schools. One is the usual classroom type atmosphere which provides valuable education to students with experienced persons as lecturers. These schools give certificate after the completion of the course. The other one is directly affiliated with a particular home staging company. In other words, these are a type of job training schools. Once graduated from this school, the person will be given a position in the company and sent out to test the individual’s skills with actual clients.


After training from the school, students have umpteen numbers of opportunities. They can join any staging company or can start a business of their own.  But home staging being an unregulated industry, there are not much formal requirements. But untrained persons should not start on their own as there is a chance of success going slim. They should get experience from any company or any experienced person to start a business of their own. Even experienced persons get themselves updated; because the styles, fashions of interior decorating get changed time and again. So to please their clients these persons keep themselves updated. Investing time to acquire basic knowledge and continuing to develop skills is the key criteria for the success of this career.


A home stager salary can vary depending on various factors. The following are the most important points which decide a home stager’s salary:

  • Where does the stager work?
  • How strong is the real estate market?
  • How busy is the stager
  • Does the stager work for a company or a consultant in the company or independent professional
  • What services does the stager offer?
  • How good are the stager’s designs?

Most stagers bill for $30 to $250 per work hour. But these can be deceptive. It mostly depends on the area where the real estate exists. For example, in New York City staging can be very expensive. But in rural areas, it can be bargained. However, there can options for keeping the prices low.
If a person wants to become a home stager, it will take time to establish and create a client list; and also quality and consistency of services will be major criteria in determining the ability to make money.