Georgia State University Master of Science in Real Estate

Georgia State University Master of Science in Real Estate

The Georgia state University was established in the year 1913 in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Bit provides more than fifty degrees in different fields of studies and is the second largest in the university system of Georgia. It offers courses at Bachelors, masters, doctoral and specialist programs in field of business, arts, science, law, biological science, literature, fitness and health. This urban research university has more than 30 thousand students of which more than 22 thousand are graduate students and 7 thousand post graduate students.

Colleges under Georgia state university

There are six colleges under the Georgia State University which offers some of the best courses led by the very best and trained faculty.

Andrew Young school of Policy Studies

The Andrew School of Policy studies has been ranked 5th in Public Finance and Budgeting, twelfth in Urban policy and 16th in public management administration by the U S News and world reports. The college offers bachelors degree in Economics, public Policy, and International economics & Modern Language. The masters degree provided by the college are Masters in economics, Master's in economics- public policy track, Master's in Public Administration, Master's in Public Administration or Juris Doctor and Master's in Public Policy. It offers doctoral degree in economics and joined Ph D in Public policy with the Georgia Institute of technology. The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies also offers graduate certificate courses for interested pupils, which includes programs in Disaster management, Non Profit Management and planning and economic development.

College of arts and Science

 The Georgia State College of Arts and Science provide a number of graduate and undergraduate programs. It offers more than 40 undergraduate degrees and certificate programs in diverse subjects. The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in African American studies, applied linguistics, German, English, film and video and BS in music management, mathematics and science, psychology and many other minor and major degrees. The university also offers above thirty graduate degree programs to choose from including master's degree and doctoral programs in anthropology, computer science, Chemistry, creative writing, and English, geology, mathematics, sociology and women studies.

College of Education

The college of education offers courses that shapes the future teachers and educationist and provides all sort of coaching related to teaching, guiding and counseling and sports related fields. The Georgia state college of education provides 30 programs to choose from which includes degree courses, non degree certificate and twelve Ph D programs.

College of Health and Human Science

This college has an aim of preparing the graduate and undergraduate students to function in health, and human service and social work. This college of the Georgia state university. Programs are offered in criminal justice, nursing, nutrition, physical therapy, respiratory therapy social work and public health. The college also offers scholarship, research and service projects which sees to the health, social justice, and issues in the local communities and across the world.

Georgia State University College of Law

The college of law which was started in the year 1982 provides one of the best and affordable legal education opportunities to shape the future professionals of law. This college accridicted by the American Bar Association provides Juris Doctor Degree and joined degree programs with other colleges under George State University which includes Masters Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, and Master of Arts in Philosophy, City and Regional Planning, and Master of Science in Health Administration.

J Mack Robinson College of Business

This college of business offers many undergraduate, doctoral and master's degree in business and full time and part time MBA programs. The undergraduate degrees are offered in ten majors like computer information, economics, finance, international business, marketing and real estate. It also provides flexible MBA programs, specialized masters program which includes Master of Science in Real Estate, health administration, International Business, Professional Accountancy, Actuarial Science and others, Ph D programs, executive masters degree and executive doctoral  and graduate certificate programs.

Master of Science in Real Estate - Georgia University
» Motto Veritas valet et vincet
» Motto in English Truth is valuable and shall overcome
» Established 1913
» Type Public
» President Mark P. Becker
» Staff 1,716
» Students 30,263
» Undergraduates 22,587
» Postgraduates 7,676
» Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
» Campus Urban
» Endowment $75.755 million
» Colors Blue and White         
» Nickname Panthers
» Mascot Pounce, the blue panther
» Athletics NCAA Division I

Real Estate Programs in Georgia state University

The J Mack college of Business provides many courses in Real Estate which prepares the students at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level to become a good real estate professional. The Real Estate department under Georgia State University is among the largest real estate departments in the country with many well qualified full time and part time faculty in different field related to the real estate and the department has the acreddiction of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). The Real Estate Research Centre (RERC) is an important component of the department which was created in the year 1979. The RERC provides industry oriented studies in real estate in the state of Atlanta and Georgia.

Undergraduate programs in real estate

The Georgia State University provides undergraduate courses in BBA real estate major and real estate undergraduate minor programs which helps the students to know more of the field of real estate and get necessary information and knowledge to work in the real estate field.

The BBA Real Estate Major

The undergraduate minor in Real EstateBachelor of Business Administration educates the student and provides the foundation to know more of the social and economic issues in the culturally diverse world. This course provides knowledge in the field of finance, accounting, management and marketing in the field of Real estate which will help them in site selection, investment analysis, and finance related to the land usage. The students are to study five required courses and two elective courses, the required courses are Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Finance and Mortgage Banking, Investment Property Analysis and Appraisal and Real Estate Analysis and the elective courses includes Real Estate Valuation, Income Property Valuation, Applied Real Estate Market Analysis, Management of Real Estate Assets and Urban Development Regulations of which two are to be chosen.

Undergraduate minor in real estate

The Georgia State Undergraduate minor course provides core knowledge about investments, finance in land development, principles in real estate, financial analysis and the legal side of real estate. The students are required to complete 15 credit hours in real estate course like Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Finance and Mortgage Banking, Investment Property Analysis and Appraisal and Real Estate Analysis. The successful completion of the minor program requires a minimum grade of C and GPA 2.5.

Georgia State University Graduate programs

The university provides Master of Science in real estate and MBA in real estate and hotel real estate which are designed for students who want to become a professional in the field of real estate.

Master of Science in Real Estate (M S R E)

This graduate course makes the students masters in real estate analytical skill and provides them the general and specialized knowledge in real estate. The legal, financial, market and physical criteria that affects the real estate industry are taught to the students to help them to solve the real estate property issues and to come to the right decision of when and where to plan a real estate development.  Industrial participation programs are also arranged during the period of the course to familiarize the students with the issues in the social structure and help to reach an analytical decision in such a condition.

The MSRE program requires a total of 36 semester hours of which 27 hours are dedicated to the 9 required courses and the remaining 9 semester hours dedicated to the three elective courses. Real Estate Concepts and Practices, Real Estate Investment Analysis, Real Estate Financing, and Regulatory Environment of Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Applied Real Estate Market Analysis, Quantitative Analysis for Real Estate, Real Property Project Planning and Development and Real Estate Case Analysis are the required courses which should have three semester hours each. The MSRE program also allows the students to replace up to six elective hours outside the Department of Real Estate instead of the normal electives in major.

MBA in Real Estate

This course is designed so as to prepare the students into professionals in the field f real estate who can manage the corporate real estate department or consulting. This course provides a very good knowledge about real estate and a good foundation in it and at the same time makes the students aware of the ins and outs of business concepts. This program helps to develop the analytical skills in the social environment and the correct decision making and leadership and teamwork skills.

The program includes 39- 60 semester hours with 21 semester hours for the real estate major courses which includes three required course and four elective courses. The required courses are Real estate Equity investment, Real Estate Finance and Strategic Management of Real Property in a Corporate Environment. The remaining semester hours are divided such that Functional Core course requires 12 hours, Cornerstone Core Course gets 6-9 semester hours and 6 semester hours are of Capstone Core Course. A six hour Foundation Course is needed depending on the previous coursework.

MBA Concentration in real estate

This program is provided to students familiar with real estate concept and individuals with work experience and prepares them to work in real estate related discipline and help them to acquire organizational or entrepreneurial leadership positions. The semester hour required are 39-60 just as in the MBA in Real Estate but the major courses is allotted only a 12 semester hours; three each for the two required courses which are Real estate Equity investment and Strategic Management of Real Property in a Corporate Environment, and three each for the two elective courses.

MBA in Hotel Real Estate

 The Robinson College of Business offers the MBA program with concentration in Hotel Real Estate accredited by Accreditation Commission on Programs in Hospitality Administration. This is a joined program by the Department of Real Estate and the Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality Administration, of the Robinson College of Business which provides knowledge about the lodging industry from the real estate point of view. This MBA program requires 39- 60 semester hours; 0-9 hours of foundation course depending on the previous coursework, 9-12 semester hour of core course, 18 semester hour of MBA course and twelve semester hour of real estate course.

Doctoral program in real estate

Georgia State University provides Ph D in Business Administration major in Real Estate. The student should complete a total of 48 semester hours and pass the preliminary examination which determines their knowledge n the specialized subject. They should also undergo an eighteen semester hours in qualitative and research methods. The successful completion of the examinations and course works, participation in research with the faculty member and presentation of papers and project dissertation, are the minimum requisites for the award of doctoral degree.

Non Degree Certification program in Real Estate (C R E)

The certificate program in Real Estate (C R E) is for students with an interest in the subject of real estate and it provides an introduction and foundation to the field of real estate. The program requires a total of 18 semester hours and can be completed in two calendar years. The students are required to get a minimum cumulative GPA of 3 to complete the course successfully. The program consists of a required course in Real Estate Concept and practices and seven elective courses from which the students are required to choose five and the students are to take three hours each in required and elective courses. The elective courses are Real Estate Investment Analysis, Real Estate Financing, Legal and Regulatory Environment of Real Estate, Real Estate Development, Applied Real Estate Market Analysis, Strategic Management of Real Property in a Corporate Environment and Real Estate Appraisal Theory and Practice. 

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