Florida International University for Master of Science in Real Estate

Florida International University for Master of Science in Real Estate

Florida International University (FIU) founded in 1965 a public research university with around 40,000 students. This is among the 25 largest universities based on enrollment and is located at Miami Dade County, Florida. It offers around 200 graduate, undergraduate and doctoral courses and the very best faculty who makes up a best professional out of their students.

Schools and colleges under the Florida International University

The Florida international University provides bachelor, master, professional and doctoral programs at the different colleges and schools under it.

College of architecture and arts

It provides around 1000 major in different department like architecture, art history, communication, interior design, communication etc. Four Schools of Arts and architecture are provided under the College of Architecture and Arts. They include the Florida International School of Architecture, School of Art and History, School of Music, and School of Theater Dance and Communication.

College of arts and science

This is the largest of the Florida international colleges and provides masters, bachelors and doctors degree for the students. The school of environment and society, school of integrated life sciences, and school of international and Public Affairs.

College of Business Administration

 The college provides bachelors degree in accounting, Business administration, finance, business management and accounting. The post graduate courses offered are Masters Degree in business Administration, accountancy, human resource management, international real estate, management information system and doctor's degree in business administration. The schools under the College of Business Administration are Alvah H. Chapman Graduate School of Business, R. Kirk Landon Undergraduate School of Business and School of Accounting.

College of Education

The College of Education provides with around three thousand students and more than fifteen undergraduate degrees and forty graduate degree in the departments; Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Educational and Psychological Studies and Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

College of Engineering and Computing

College of Engineering and Computing provides masters, bachelors and doctoral degrees different field of engineering. The academic departments of this college are Department of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Department of Construction Management, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, and IT2: Telecommunications and Information Technology Institute.

Honors College

It provides foundation in most of the undergraduate course which are provided for outstanding students. The college opened in the year 1997 has over 1200 students today.

College of law

This college has been ranked the number 1 college continuously and has the highest number of students passing out each year. This public school was established in the year 2000 and provides the best faculty and an on campus library facility for its students.

Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

The medical school located at Miami was founded in the year 2006 by the Florida board of Governors. It is affiliated with community hospitals like Mercy Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

College of nursing and Health Science

The FIU College of nursing and health Science was established in the year 2006 by the meager of the old School of nursing and the school of health which were established in the 1982. Many students from different part of the country and even from different countries opt this college for pursuing their nursing education.

School of Hospitality and Tourism management

The former board of Regents designated the Florida School of hospitality and tourism management as a "program of Distinction". The college offers Bachelors and masters degree in Hospitality management, Executive Master of Science in Hospitality Management and various certificate programs.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC)

The college offers many undergraduate, graduate and certificate courses inadvertising, journalism, and public relations. The school has over two thousands students and is accredited by ACEJMC.

Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work

This college was established in the year 2006 and is accredited by council of Education for public Health (CEPH) and Commission of education for Diabetic education (CADE).

Courses in Real Estate offered by Florida International University

The Florida international university offers many courses in real estate and finance. The courses in real estate provided by the FIU college of Business prepare the students at the graduate and undergraduate level in different aspects of real estate. The students pursuing these courses are able to enter the professional field of finance like financial institutions, or fields like investment management entities, appraisal firms, and property management companies.

Master of Sciences in International Real Estate - Florida International University
» Motto Spes Scientia Facultas (Latin)
» Motto in English Hope, Knowledge, Opportunity
» Established 1965
» Type Public
» Endowment $118 million
» President Mark B. Rosenberg
» Provost Douglas Wartzok (interim provost)
» Faculty 2,974
» Staff 4,172
» Students 40,455
» Undergraduates 30,927
» Postgraduates 10,014
» Location University Park, Florida, USA
» Campus Urban 573.4 acres (2.32 km²)
» Athletics NCAA Division I, SBC 17 varsity teams
» Colors Blue and Gold          
» Nickname Golden Panthers
» Mascot Roary the Panther
» Affiliations AACSB, ORAU, ΦΒΚS, SACS, SUS

Undergraduate major in real estate

The Florida international university offers undergraduate degree in real estate. Those wishing to pursue a carrier in real estate can enter the undergraduate major program offered by the FIU. Bachelor of business Administration major in real Estate is offered where you have to complete sixty credit hours of lower division course which includes the business pre core courses; it also requires a completion of sixty credit hours in business core courses, real estate major and elective courses in business. The real estate major courses include Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Investment, Legal Environment of Real Estate and International Real Estate. The course allow the students to learn more about the functions of real estate market, the nature of the legal environment of real estate, and develops the skills in students to solve the issue related to real estate problems and finance.

Graduate degree in Real estate

The Florida International University is among the very few universities in North America that offers a real estate graduate program. The Master of Science in International Real Estate (MSIRE Miami) and Master of Science in Real Estate (Flex MSIRE) are the two graduate programs offered by the FIU. The Flex MSIRE is an internet based program offered in integration with the Miami MSIRE.

Master of Science in International Real Estate (MSIRE Miami)

This program is offered by the Chapman Graduate School of Business in the college of Business Administration and is the only program developed with the International real Estate community. This course trains the students in a way that they become completely acquainted with every aspects of real estate like the financial and the legal components.

The Certified Commercial Member Institute (CCIM) of Chicago has approved this MSIRE course as a university partner and a part of their University Fast Track program. So anyone completing their graduate in MSIRE would automatically fulfill the three out of four credits required by the CCIM course and has to take only one of the remaining credits to clear the CCIM comprehensive exam to earn the CCIM designation.

Master of Science in international Real Estate (Flex MSIRE)

This is an internet based MSIRE program offered by the Florida International University. The real estate professional and other executives who cannot join the full time course at Miami are the ones most benefited by the program. Such students can increase the real estate market knowledge and at the same time gain contact with the south Florida Real Estate community. This internet program avail the very best course in real estate even in cities and countries where such courses are not provided. The CCIM institute has recognized this program and has granted a three out of four credit to it. So completing the Flex MSIRE can help you to save time and money on earning CCMI designation.