Era Real Estate

Era Real Estate, which was established in 1972, is one of the leading residential franchise brokerage networks. With the help of more than 38,000 brokers and sales associates, the network has been fulfilling people’s dream of owning their own house as Electronic Realty Associates.

Unlike real estate brokers, Era Real Estate guides their clientele throughout the process of buying or selling the home through a variety of programs and services to make the whole transaction simpler and speedier.

Era Real Estate or Electronic Realty Associates, Inc is the brainchild of Jim Jackson, who used technology in buying or selling property. Era real estate was one of the few companies to use fax machines to transmit listings to its clients. Later, its website delivered information about listings and its sales associates in different parts of the world to its clients.

Era real estate introduced Buyer Protection Plan or Home Protection Plan which made the network responsible for getting expensive and unexpected repairs done on wiring, plumbing etc for a year after you purchase a previously-owned house.

Its out-of-the box programs lured many prospective buyers and sellers that the network had brokers in all the 50 states by 1979. During this period, Era real estate introduced a unique Seller Security Plan, which promised to sell your house within 180 days of your enrolling with the network. If it failed to do so, it would buy your house at reasonable rates. The benefit of this program is that if it resells your house at a price higher than what it paid to you, you will get the profits earned from it after deducting handling and other costs. However, if it resells your house at a price lower than what it paid to you, it is the network which will bear the loss and not you.

In 1981, Commercial Credit Corp. (a subsidiary of Control Data Corp.) bought Era Real Estate, linking it to the financial services sector and further establishing it in the technology industry. Era Japan opened its office in the same year, beginning the expansion process of the network.

In 1985, IMB capital bought Era Real Estate in the United States, strengthening the network’s spread. Training programs like Top Gun Academy and AccelERAtion and awards for customer service were introduced in 1990s.

In 1996, the network was purchased by HFS Incorporated, which became Cendant Corporation in 1998, thus adding Cendant's broad real estate, mortgage, financial and relocation divisions, and other holdings to the Era’s profile. It then introduced Select Services which provides value-added national services and local discount services to customers – from moving companies to neighborhood plumbers – for the lifetime of their homeownership.

Lead Router or Search Router is the facility provided by the network which enables you to search not only within its listing but also local listings on Era company websites. It not only frees you from typing in your search information again but also provides you more listings to view.

Era Gold Star Property is a program which enables you to realize the dream of owning your own house faster. The network identifies the properties, which do not need even minor repairs and you can move into the house right away, and thoroughly examine it. The benefit of this program is that it saves time, reduces the transaction process and you are given the necessary information beforehand.

The network provides cities-wise Era real estate listings also like Era Real Estate NJ, Era Real Estate Florida or Shields Era Real Estate which helps you in locating houses for buying by giving you a list of houses on sale or rent in cities like New Jersey, Florida and Colorado Springs.