Cornell University Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate

Cornell University Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate

Cornell University is a private University founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and is located at Ithaca, New York. The motto of this university "I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study" is fulfilled by the 4000 courses in 14 undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. The U S News and World report ranked the university as the 15th best national university in this year (2010).

 The nation's first colleges for hotel Administration, Industrial and Labour Relation and veterinary medicine were introduced under Cornell University. It also provides courses in Agriculture, life Science, Arts, architecture, engineering, Law, Medicine, management and ecology.

The Undergraduate colleges and schools of Cornell University

NYS College of Agriculture and Life Science (CALS) established in 1874 which is the best college in Agriculture and related science in the country.

College of Architecture, Arts, and Planning established in 1871 teaches and practices fine arts, architecture, and city & Regional planning.

College of arts and Sciences founded in 1865 is Connells largest undergraduate college and presents national and international leader in particular disciplines as the faculty.

College of Engineering was founded in1922. Recently, the college of engineering has been open at Duffield Hall and has the nation's most sophisticated research and teaching facility for nano science and nano engineering.

School of hotel Administration founded in 1875 provides undergraduate, graduate and professional degree program in hospitability management.

NYS College of Human Ecology founded in1925 provides world class education focused on real world challenges and exploration of human conditions.

NYS school of Industrial and Labor Research established in 1945 is the nation's first to offer four year undergraduate in industrial and labor research.

Graduate and Professional College under Cornell University

Graduate College founded in 1909 and gives doctoral and master's research, and professional degree in more than 90 fields of study.

Cornell Law School founded in 1887 contributes to the intellectual life of law and create broad minded future lawyers.

S C Johnson Graduate School of management is the largest Ivy League university.

Weill Cornell medical college, New York started in 1898 is an integral part of the world centre of academic medicine and biomedical research.

Weill Cornell medical college was also established at Doha, Qatar and is the first American Medical School to be set up overseas.

Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical science was set up in 1898 and provides graduate programs and research oriented Ph D.

College of Veterinary Medicine (1894) is a New York state contract unit and teaches and helps in understanding animal and human health.

Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate - Cornell University
» Motto Ezra Cornell, 1865
» Established 1865
» Type Private with 14 colleges and schools, including 4 statutory colleges
» Endowment $3.97 billion
» President David J. Skorton
» Faculty 1,594 Ithaca, 1,005 New York City, 34 Qatar
» Students 20,633
» Undergraduates 13,931 Ithaca
» Postgraduates 6,427 Ithaca, 865 New York City, 135 Qatar
» Location Ithaca, NY, USA
» Campus Small city, 745 acres (3.0 km²)
» Colors Carnelian and white         
» Nickname Big Red
» Mascot Unofficial mascot is a bear sometimes named Touchdown
» Athletics NCAA Division I Ivy League
» Affiliations Ivy League, AAU

Real Estate Parogram in Cornel University

The Cornell University has programs in real estate which offers professional graduate level courses lead by the largest on campus real estate field faculty. The Cornell Real Estate Council (CREC) is a university based network of industry leaders and real estate professionals. The council is working towards advancement in real estate education. Undergraduate minor courses are also provided by the Cornell University.

Undergraduate Program in Real Estate

Real estate minors are among the seventy minors offered by the Cornwell University. Minor in real estate is provided by School of Hotel Administration and these are designed so as to make the students fit for carrier as a real estate investor or in other commercial real estate industry.
 Coursework, connection and carrier are the three components of the real estate minor which help the students obtain knowledge and skill and most of all contacts for carrier as a real estate professional. The requisite of the course are a minimum of six courses and 18 credit hours and two of the six courses can be elected by the students. The carrier service aids the students by providing industry networking and helping in search summer internship and permanent job. The students will be given opportunity for carrier planning activities mainly through the annual real estate carrier fair.

Graduate Minor in Real Estate

The real estate graduate minor program was introduced in 1996 and the Cornell University provides the nation's most comprehensive graduate education in real estate. A total of twelve credits are to be completed during the course including principles of real estate and real estate development process. The course offers an in depth examination of real estate from different angles in a short period of time by the dedicated full time staff.

Graduate Program in Real Estate

Mater of Regional Planning (MRP) and City and Regional Planning (CRP) is offered by Graduate School teaches the students to design, evaluate and to implement programs that help in the development of the urban and developing regions. The MRP course consist of sixty credits, set of core courses and a submit of theses, or research paper. Doctoral degrees are also provided in the Master of Regional Planning. A CRP course at the College of Architecture, Arts, and Planning are provided as a flexible degree program and combines both theory and practical's handled by expert professionals.

Two years master degree in Professional Studies in Real Estate (MPS RA) is given by the Cornell University for real estate professional in first stage of their carrier. This interdisciplinary program combines courses from almost every college at Cornell and the faculty members from different colleges are involved in the administration of the course curriculum. The course calls for a total of sixty two credit hours and the core courses to be taken include principle of real estate, real estate development process, real estate finance and investment, real estate law, construction planning and operation and many more along with industrial seminars conducted weekly. To apply for the course, the student should complete a bachelor's degree with good academic score and are also required to score in the Graduate Management admission Test (GMAT). The tuition fee for this course will total to around $ 37, 750.

Master of Arts in Historic Preservation Planning is also provided at the Cornell University. It prepares the students to work with historical building and helps in preservation of buildings. Sixty credits including six credit theses should be completed during the two years of the course duration.

Dual Degree Programs in Real Estate

Dual degree options in real estate are offered in Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate (MPS- RE) in partnership with Johnson school of Management. A general management foundation and managerial practice is given to the students along with the in depth classes and practical's of real estate.

Two dual degree programs are available which enable the student to complete both MBA and masters in real estate at an accelerated phase.  In traditional MBA/ MPS RA course, the student can complete two courses in three years instead of four years if both were to be studied separately. Here the students should complete 48 credit hours in real estate and 45 in management. The first year of the course is dedicated towards the study of real estate and the second year for management. During the third year the classes are divided between the two courses.

Accelerated two years MBA/ MPS RA programs are also available with intensive five semester curriculum. The first year course work starts with classes in Management at the Johnson School of management followed by a semester in real estate course work. The second year classes are divided between Management and real estate program. A total of 39 credit hours are to be completed in real estate and 45 in management.

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