Types of Construction

Under the parameters of architecture and civil engineering, construction is a process that consists of creating infrastructure. Generally, this work is handled by a project manager and monitored by a construction engineer, construction supervisor, and the company’s project architect. There are various type of construction projects viz. industrial construction, building construction and civil or heavy construction.

Building Construction

  • Building construction is a type of construction which is a way to add small or big structures to real and land property.
  • Mostly the building construction jobs are renovation or reconstructions like adding extra room, bathroom or reconstruction of a lobby.
  • Mostly the property owner acts as a designer, paymaster and laborer of the whole job.
  • It includes several components, viz. legal consideration, financial aspects and general design.
  • Building construction is the most famous type of construction project in the genre of construction.
  • It is the way of incorporating structure to real property.
  • Mostly the projects are undertaken to make room to additions and small renovations.
  • Most of the new building construction projects are normally to construct some sheltered enclosures with walk-in access for facilitating the housing people, machinery, equipment, or supplies.
  • It also includes installation of facilities and equipment.

Building constructions can be availed privately or publicly, facilitating several delivery methodologies viz. management contracting, management of construction at risk, design & build bridging, hard bid, and negotiated price.

Residential Construction

  • Residential construction techniques, resources and processes should comply with the codes of practice and local construction authority regulations.
  • The materials that are utilized are easily accessible in the market.
  • The general materials used are stone, timber and brick. Per square foot is generally the basis price of construction.
  • This is because the construction of homes can differ drastically based on local site conditions, considerations, and economies of scale.
  • Residential construction projects include townships, houses, apartments, condominiums, single unit dwellings, cottages, and subdivisions.
  • The housing designs are generally sketched by architects and the project of construction work is undertaken by builders who in turn hire the services of contractors and subcontractor for construction, electrical, mechanical and other skilled work.
  • Several new builders are more enthusiastic towards residential projects because of its simplicity to access entry in the real estate sector.
  • This transforms it into a highly competitive market with potentially higher risks as well as high rewards.

Heavy/Civil Construction

  • Heavy or civil construction is also a type of construction which is a method of incorporating infrastructure to the ambience of a building.
  • The builders are generally government agencies which can be at the local as well as at national level.
  • These also work on legal and financial considerations. These projects basically serve the public interest. Heavy construction projects generally take up the projects that are not exactly classified as "building" or "highway."
  • This type of construction projects can be classified as water and sewer line projects, dredging plans, flood protection projects, and water harvesting plants.
  • They are generally undertaken and monitored by some big private corporations like power companies, golf courses, and the companies that undertake the construction of dams, highway, roads, and railways.

Highway Construction

  • Highway construction comprises of construction, or repair of roads, highways, streets, runways, subways, paths, parking areas, and so forth.
  • It includes every incidental construction allied with the highway construction project
  • Construction is a huge sector and there are now various types of construction companies that you can select from.
  • This, equipped with the facilitation of the internet, has made it simpler for the consumer to come to a conclusion on how to start with the projects. You just require a little research.
  • Construction projects are a major decision and you need to make the perfect decisions when you take a plunge into these projects.

Industrial/Commercial Construction

  • Industrial construction manifests highly specialized skill in construction, design and planning.
  • Holders of this project are generally industrial, for profit or for large corporations.
  • This organization can be found in sectors like chemical, power generation, medicine, and petroleum manufacturing.
  • Commercial and institutional building construction companies embodies a great variety of project types and volume like, hospitals and clinics, schools and universities, sports facilities and stadiums, huge shopping malls and myriads of retail chains, light manufacturing plants and warehouses and skyscrapers for offices and hotels.
  • Specialty engineer and architects are basically hired for crafting a specific kind of building.
  • This market sector also has few competitors because of the high costs and delicacy of commercial and institutional buildings constructions compared to residential construction projects.
  • Industrial construction is only a small sector of the different types of construction; it nevertheless is a very prominent part of the industry.

Specialized Industrial Construction

Various types of construction project generally involves big projects with a greater level of technological competency like steel mills, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries and many more.

Leading Construction Companies

  • There are numerous types of construction companies in the US. The Turner Construction Company enjoys a lot of popularity and goodwill in this sector. It works with myriads of national sector groups that are the big players on a usual building type. Their eminent client base comprises of Sports and Public Assembly, Healthcare and Breen Building, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Justice, Aviation etc.
  • Few more popular type of construction companies are Anderson Construction Group, IHC Construction Company and many more.