Top Performing ETF Funds

There was a time when there were low statistical releases, unprecedented volatility and a steep fall. This was a time when many equity markets went very low. Among all this, there were a few top performing ETF funds. These ETF funds have been among the best performers in the market. Below is a list of these.

About Top Performing ETF Funds

Market Vectors Russia ETF (RSX) 176%-

During the recovery, Brazil and China were among those countries that had a successful market recovery. Russia’s economy intensified when it came to the demand of raw materials.  ETF is more on oil and gas industry as it accounts to more than 40% assets which also include steel and iron stocks.

Revenue Shares Financial Sectors ETF (RWW) 182%-

This ETF sector is basically of small securities like the S&P Financial Index. In this every security is weighted by top revenue rather than market capitalization. RWW has exceeded in its performance as compared to other financial ETFs.

HOLDRS Merrill Lynch Regional Bank (RKH) 194%-

Many investors consider regional banks as small financial institutions. When it comes to RKH it has a good hold in a number of renowned institutions like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and US Bancorp.

Market Vectors Indonesia ETF (IDX) 205%-

Turkey and Russia are the top performers while adding to the list, Indonesia is also among the top performers of equity ETFs. IDX is sketched to check the performance of the Market Vectors Indonesia Index as well as maintain the financial services and material industries. Indonesia is among the fastest growing country.

PowerShares Financial Preferred (PGF) 261%-

The Wachovia Hybrid & Preferred Securities Financial Index is lined to ETFs which sets a benchmark that keeps a constant tract of U.S performance. The preferred stock issued in the U.S market is supported by institutions like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.