Payday Loans in Canada

What are Payday Loans?

Payday loan can be defined as a short term loan taken by a borrower to cover the expenses till the next payday arrives. This loan can also be called as paycheck advance or a cash advance. The terms and conditions for the payday loans varies from country to country and even varies from one jurisdiction to the other jurisdiction in some countries. Some jurisdictions have formulated the terms and conditions by formulating strict rules in which the usury limits are restricted for a certain amount and limited the nominal annual percentage rate and most of the countries jurisdiction laid very few restrictions on payday loans as this loan will be in the action for a short time of period.

About Payday Loans in Canada

There are many payday lending stores available in the Canada market. The borrower can pursue the payday loans in Canada by submitting the recent pay slips as a proof. The borrowers should write a post dated check in the favor of lender. The check should be issued with the total amount of the loan and fees. Usually the borrower is charged with the range of 15 to 30 percent of the total amount as interest for a span of two weeks. On the maturity date the borrower should lend the money to the lender in person. If the borrower’s account is short on funds then he/she should face the bounced check fee from the bank and the lender will append an additional fees and additional interest for the failure of retaining the money. Thus payday loans in Canada are an important way of transaction which is really popular in the country.

Online Payday Loans in Canada

Online payday stores are also available in the market. These stores provide a better facility and flexibility for the borrowers in retaining fast payday loans in Canada. The borrower needs to apply for the loan through online by filling an application which requires the personal information, bank account numbers, social security number and the employer information. The borrower can also fax the application form to the lenders address. The borrowers should also fax the copies of check, recent bank statements and signed paper work. The loan amount will be directly credited into the borrower’s bank account. Thus online method of payday loans in Canada makes things really smooth and easy.

The Legal Aspects of Payday Loans in Canada

There are many payday loan agencies established in Canada. Payday loans in Canada are helping the Canadians since 2001.Thus the Canadians are facilitated to borrow the money very quickly apart from the past credits. The federal government of Ottawa in Canada had introduced a legislation putting some controls over payday loans which made the formalities a bit strict. But with a proper control from the governmental agencies, the payday loans in Canada is setting its new heights helping more and more people at their difficulties.