Internet Marketing VS Forex Trading

Internet Marketing VS Forex Trading

There are many types of internet businesses that one can look at for business opportunities and as a means of making money. The ones we consider today are Internet Marketing and Forex Trading. Both businesses lend themselves well to location – you can be anywhere in the world and still do business transactions with the click of a mouse.

The What, How and Why

How to Gain Entry and Conduct Business

Both these business models lend themselves to work at your convenience and from home or office. One does not need much investment for equipments. Both knowledge of the product, implementing strategies in a timely fashion to make a profit are the requirements that survive in the business. There are many tools available to the Forex trader and the major advantage is that the Forex is open 24 hours for 51/2 days.

What are Internet Marketing and Forex Trading all About?

  • Internet Marketing is all about finding products that are in demand and one can find marketing tools to promote them online. This kind of marketing is completely internet based and done entirely online. Niche products are in demand around the world and if you are one of the companies providing this service, your services are always in demand.
  • Forex trading is another online business where the transactions involve foreign exchange and currency trades online. This is the world’s largest market and Forex is always going to be in demand for various purposes. Forex is needed by individuals, companies and countries to pay for goods and services. Forex rates fluctuate depending on many factors like how an economy is doing, what their GDP and balance of payments are, etc.

Why Choose Forex Trading Over Internet Marketing?

There are several factors to take into consideration while trying to choose whether to pick internet marketing or Forex trading.

Forex Trading

  • No boss
  • Capital Intensive
  • No necessity for marketing
  • Constant Demand for Forex
  • Good profit Margins
  • Possible to work with demo account before going live
  • Lot of information available online

Internet Marketing

  • Need for right product
  • Can become obsolete fast
  • Need catchy advertising to direct people to website
  • Capital and space intensive
  • Need to update marketing strategy regularly
  • Very labor intensive too
  • Need to be available 24/7 year round