Exchange Trade Funds In UK

ETF Securities is a UK based company which provides ETFs to the investors. The company is situated in London which has expertise in managing ETFs, ETCs and Exchange Trade Currencies. ETF Securities is a company which issues the Exchange Trade Products. Apart from this, ETF Securities has also started the first Exchange Trade Commodity collaborating with World Gold Council. Gold exchange-traded fund was also another ETC which is under the name Gold Bullion Securities in Australia. There are many other commodities which were enrolled by ETF for instance is ETFS Brent Oil.

ETF Securities has also created a platform where the investors can directly have an understanding of the market and plan their investments. It was also instrumental in introducing the 3rd generation ETF platform to the world. This has increased the transparency, liquidity and counterparty risk management for the investor. Forward ETF platform is one such venture which helps the investor in investing in the commodity futures curves.

By The Year 2008, ETF Securities Have The Following Achievements-

  • It has listed in 5 major stock exchange markets. London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Borse, Euronext Paris, Amsterdam and Borsa Italiana.
  • Acquisition of the Gold Bullion Securities in London and Australian Stock Exchange was completed.
  • Carbon ETC was introduced to the world.
  • It has listed in the 13 commodity themed sector ETFs.

In 2009,

  • MSFX Index was tracked by the world’s largest FX platform.
  • Added more ETCs to the index.
  • It has launched world’s first precious metal physical commodity in Japan.
  • Silver and Gold ETCs were launched in USA.
  • Double Leveraged and double short ETFs tracking was launched in Europe’s main equity indices.
  • It has become the world’s largest Exchange Trade Currency platform.

In 2010,

ETF Securities has listed around 14 commodities in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It has also helped the depression the UK stocks experienced earlier this year. The two main British ETFs iShares and MSCI United Kingdom Index Fund went up sharply in the news at that point giving a boost of 1.1%. It has included precious metal into its commodities. Metal like Platinum, Palladium exchange traded funds were listed in the NYSE Arca.

The ETFs combined with the Silver exchange traded funds formed the first physically backed metal platforms in the US market.

Over all the performance of the ETF Securities in the primary and secondary market has been pretty good and also the exposure it gives to the investors is a different perspective to stock broking which the world has witnessed for the first time.