Trinidad and Tobago Currency

Trinidad and Tobago Currency Details

  Country Name : Trinidad and Tobago
Currency Name : Trinidad and Tobago dollar
ISO Code : TTD
Banknotes-Types : $1¸ $5¸ $10¸ $20¸ $100
Coins-Types : 1? ¸ 5? ¸ 10? ¸ 25?¸50?
Symbol : TT$
Official Users : Trinidad and Tobago
Website :

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Trinidad and Tobago dollar

About Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

The official currency of Trinidad and Tobago is the Dollar. The currency code of Trinidad and Tobago is TTD and the symbol of the currency is dollar sign $¸ or alternatively TT$ to make out it from other dollar-denominated currencies. 1 Dollar is sub-divided into 100cents.

With the introduction of the British West Indies dollar¸ from 1949 the currency of Trinidad and Tobago became officially tied up with that of the British Eastern Caribbean territories in general. Eventually the British sterling coinage was replaced in 1955 by a new decimal coinage¸ with the new cent being equal to one half of the old penny. 

The last two currencies in the world to hold the price of 1 pound= 4 dollars and 80 cents are the Trinidad and Tobago dollar and the Eastern Caribbean dollar as per the gold sovereign to the Pieces of eight.

Coins of Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

Coins were introduced in denominations of 1¢¸ 5¢¸ 10¢¸ 25¢ & 50¢ in 1966. A large sized $1 coin for circulation was released in 1969¸ and again in 1979 before being substituted with a smaller sized version followed in 1995 which is more regularly minted.  The 1¢ & 5¢ are struck in bronze¸ with the other denominations in cupro-nickel. 

Until 1976¸ the obverses all feature Trinidad and Tobago's coat of arms¸ with the reverse designs solely boasting the denomination¸ when they were substituted by either a national bird or flower in addition to the denomination after the announcement of a republic. The 50¢ & $1 coins are barely seen in circulation.

Banknotes of Trinidad and Tobago Dollar

The Colonial Bank introduced $20 notes in 1898. Later on these were followed by $5 notes in 1901. $100 notes were also issued. In 1926¸ the last banknotes were issued after which the Colonial Bank was usurped by Barclays Bank¸ which issued $5¸ $20 & $100 notes until 1941. 

By the government of Trinidad and Tobago in 1905 notes were introduced in denominations of $1 & $2¸ followed by $5 in 1935¸ followed by $10 & $20 in 1942. In 1909¸ $5¸ $20 & $100 notes were introduced by Royal Bank of Canada. The notes also accepted the denomination in sterling from 1920. The $5 and $20 were issued until 1938. 

In 1921¸ the Canadian Bank of Commerce introduced $5¸ $20 & $100 notes with the $5 & $20 notes issued until 1939. 

The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago introduced notes for $1¸ $5¸ $10 & $20 in 1964. In 1977¸ $50 & $100 notes were issued¸ although the $50 note was not continued. The Central Bank Building of Trinidad & Tobago features on reverses of the current banknotes. New $1 & $20 notes were introduced in 2002. New $1¸ $5¸ $10 & $100 were also introduced in 2003.

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar - Banknotes which are in circulation are

  • $1 (red)
  • $5 (green)
  • $10 (grey)
  • $20 (purple)
  • $100 (blue)

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar - Exchange Rate to other World Famous Currencies

1 TTD = 0.16 USD

1TTD = 4.40 RUB

The above mentioned prices are as of Mar 8 2011 and are subjected to change according to the market fluctuation. 

Trinidad and Tobago Dollar - Official website 

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