Lesotho Currency

Lesotho Currency Details

  Country Name : Lesotho
Currency Name : Lesotho loti
ISO Code : LSL
Banknotes-Types : M10¸ M20¸ M50¸ M100¸ M200
Coins-Types : 1¸ 2¸ 5¸ 10¸ 20¸ 50 lisente¸ L1¸ M2¸ M5
Symbol : M
Official Users : Lesotho
Website : www.centralbank.org.ls

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Lesotho loti

About the currency of Lesotho

The legal tender of the Kingdom of Lesotho is the loti¸ the plural of which is maloti. The symbol of the currency is L or M. The ISO code assigned to it is LSL. The loti is subdivided into 100 lisente. The loti is attached with South African rand on a 1:1 basis by means of the Common Monetary Area and both of them are considered as the official currency inside Lesotho. In 1966¸ the loti was first introduced but it was a non-circulating legal tender at that time. For the first time in 1980¸ Lesotho introduced coins¸ which replaced the South African rand as official currency. These coins were denominated in loti and lisente.

Coins in Lesotho

In 1980¸ the coins dated 1979 were issued for the first time in Lesotho. The coins were issued in denominations of 1 sente¸ 2¸ 5¸ 10¸ 25 and 50 lisente and 1 loti. The government of Lesotho produced 2¸ 5 maloti in 1996 and 20 lisente coins in 1998.

Currently the coins in circulation in the country are 1¸ 2¸ 5¸ 10¸ 20¸ 50 lisente¸ 1 Loti¸ 2 Maloti and 5 Maloti.

Banknotes in Lesotho

In the year 1980¸ the banknotes dated 1979 were issued in denominations of 2¸ 5 and 10 maloti. The year 1981 witnessed the issuance of 20 and 50 maloti notes whereas 100 and 200 maloti notes were issued in 1994.

Currently¸ the banknotes in circulation in Lesotho are 10 maloti¸ 20 maloti¸ 50 maloti¸ 100 maloti¸ 200 maloti.

Official users of Lesotho loti

The people of Lesotho and the people of South Africa are the official users of the Lesotho loti because both of them are the members of Common Monetary Area. www.centralbank.org.ls is the official website of Central Bank of Lesotho¸ where one can find all the details on Lesotho loti.

Exchange rate of Lesotho loti

The exchange rate of Lesotho loti is market determined and is subjected to change depending upon the international market trend. However¸ the exchange rate of the Lesotho loti as compared with other major countries¸ as of 28th February 2011 is:

1 US Dollar = 6.97835 Lesotho loti

1 United Kingdom Pound = 11.3159 Lesotho loti

1 Euro = 9.65202 Lesotho loti

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