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  Country Name : Indonesia
Currency Name : Indonesian rupiah
ISO Code : IDR
Banknotes-Types : Rp 1000¸ Rp 2000¸ Rp 5000¸ Rp 10 000¸ Rp 20 000¸ Rp 50 000¸ Rp 100 000
Coins-Types : Rp 100¸ Rp 200¸ Rp 500¸Rp 50¸ Rp 1000
Symbol : Rp
Official Users : Indonesia
Website :

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Indonesian rupiah

About Currency of Indonesia

People of Indonesia use rupiah as their official currency. Symbol of rupiah is Rp. Bank of Indonesia controls and issues the currency of the country. ISO 4217 currency code assigned for rupiah is IDR. Rupiah is subdivided into 100 sen.  However¸ due to inflation¸ all the coins and banknotes issued denominated in sen have been outdated. 

Currency of Indonesia - Indonesian Coins

Initially Indonesian rupiah coinage was issued in 1951-52 or a year later than the first issuance of the banknotes of the country after the peace treaty with The Netherlands¸ settled in November 1949. Though the provisional Republic of Indonesia had issued the revolutionary currency between the announcement of independence on 17 August 1945 and 1949¸ it was in the form of paper as the internationally isolated government was moving through scarcity of metal.

During late 1950s and early 1960s¸ the country faced high inflation and no coins were issued after 1961. Hence those coins¸ were in circulation already were worthless.

In order to tackle the inflation¸ the country issued a devalued ‘new rupiah’ in 1965¸ with banknotes in denominations from 1 sen (1 cent) up to 100 rupiah. By 1971¸ the country gained economic stability under Suharto's New Order and during that period coinage was again issued in denominations of 1¸ 5¸ 10¸ 25 and 50 rupiah. 100 rupiah was added to the list later. 

However¸ presently the coins in circulations are 25¸ 50¸ 100¸ 200¸ 500 and 1000 rupiah¸ though the old one rupiah coins are still considered as the legal tender for totality.

Currency of Indonesia - Indonesian Banknotes

At first the true Indonesian rupiah notes were produced in 1946. At that time the war of independence was on with the Dutch. And after that Indonesia declared the independence unilaterally at the end of the World War II. The money at that time was called as 'Oeang Republik Indonesia' ('oeang' is the old spelling of 'uang' that means 'money' in English).

After the peace treaty held in The Hague of 1949¸ the ORI was replaced by internationally acknowledged 'Indonesian rupiah'.

This currency underwent a number of devaluations and in the year 1965 a new currency at the rate of 1000 to 1¸ was introduced that replaced existing paper note.

Banknotes in the country are available in denominations of Rp 1000¸ Rp 2000¸ Rp 5000¸ Rp 10 000¸ Rp 20 000¸ Rp 50 000¸ Rp 100 000. 

Currency of Indonesia - Official users of Indonesian Rupiah

Citizens of Indonesia are the official users of Indonesian currency rupiah. is the official website of Bank Indonesia where all the information regarding rupiah is available. 

Currency of Indonesia - Exchange Rate of Rupiah

Rupiah has not been in stable condition over the years. A number of attempts have been made to make it stable. But all went in vein.

As of February 2011¸ the exchange rate of rupiah compared to other major country’s currencies is: 

1 US Dollar = 8¸855.00 Indonesian rupiah

1 United Kingdom Pounds = 14¸386.68 Indonesian rupiah

1 India rupee = 196.341 Indonesian rupiah

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