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  Country Name : Bahrain
Currency Name : Bahraini dinar
ISO Code : BHD
Banknotes-Types : BD ?¸ BD 1¸ BD 5¸ BD 10¸ BD 20
Coins-Types : BD ?¸ BD 1¸ BD 5¸ BD 10¸ BD 20
Symbol : .د.ب (Arabic) or BD (Latin)
Official Users : Bahrain
Website :

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Bahraini dinar

Bahraini dinar or Dīnār Baḥrainī¸ as it is called in Arabic¸ is the currency of Bahrain. The word dinar possibly have been derived from the Roman denarius

The sign used to denote Bahraini dinar is .د.ب and the ISO 4217 code to represent it is BHD. The Bahraini dinar can be divided into 1000 fils.

The dinar started to be used from 1965 after replacing the Gulf rupee which was at the rate of 10 rupees per dinar.

In Bahrain¸ Saudi riyal is another currency that is accepted (exception is the Saudi 500 riyal note which can be used in major supermarkets¸ airports and electronic shops only).

Bahraini Dinar Coin Types

Bahraini dinar coins were introduced in 1965 in the denominations of 1¸ 5¸ 10¸ 25¸ 50 and 100 fils. While the 1¸ 5 and 10 fils were made of bronze¸ the rest of the coins were struck in cupro-nickel. The production of the 1 fils coin was discontinued after 1966 and it can be found no more in circulation.

From 1992 onwards¸ the bronze coins of 5 and 10 fils started to be struck out of brass instead of bronze.

A bimetallic 100 fils coin was also introduced in 2000.

Bahraini Dinar Banknote Types

The banknotes were introduced by the Bahrain Currency Board in denominations of 100 fils¸ ¼¸ ½¸ 1¸ 5 and 10 dinar in the year 1965. The Bahrain Monetary Agency took over the charge of production of paper money and issued notes in the denominations of ½¸ 1¸ 5¸ 10 and 20 dinar from 1973. The Bahrain Monetary Agency was renamed the Central Bank early in 2006. In 2008¸ it released new notes featuring Bahrain's heritage and the modern developments that have taken place.

Fixed Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of Bahraini dinar is fixed at 1 U.S. dollar = BD .376¸ signifying 1 dinar = 2.65957 dollars. This has been official since 2001. It has become the second highest-valued currency unit after Malta adopted the Euro.

Official website details of Bahraini Dinar

You can check the official website of Bahraini dinar at to know more details about the currency.

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