Zeaxanthin Nutritional Supplement

Zeaxanthin History

  • Zeaxanthin is a compound which is present in the human body, but not produced by it.

  • Zeaxanthin has to be imbibed through food and liquids.

  • Zeaxanthin has some properties very beneficial to the human body.

  • Due to this reason it is very important to maintain the level of zeaxanthin and replenish it if required.

  • Zeaxanthin is known as a “carotenoid” and usually occurs in combination with another compound called Lutein.

Benefits of Zeaxanthin Supplement

  1. Zeaxanthin gives some relief to those suffering from AIDS.

  1. It is very beneficial for the treatment of eye problems.

  1. It is helpful in the treatment of cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia.

  1. Zeaxanthin can be used to help to relieve the symptoms of asthma.

  1. It has some healing qualities for heart disease and lung cancer among other forms of cancer like skin cancer and prostrate cancer.

Who can benefit from taking zeaxanthin

The main groups of people who can benefit from the consumption of zeaxanthin are as follows:

  • Heavy smokers and those who consume tobacco in other forms such as chewing tobacco.

  • Regular consumption of alcohol.

  • Those who consume fewer quantities of fruits and vegetables.

  • People who are suffering from some chronic disease or any of the other conditions which are described above.

Zeaxanthin Side Effects Supplement

From the safety point of view, there are no side effects linked to the consumption of zeaxanthin. However, it can be mentioned that it is advisable to take zeaxanthin along with a meal to reduce the possibility of developing a stomach ache, as well as enhancing the absorption of the supplement.

Zeaxanthin Dosage Supplement

  • The first thing about the dosage of zeaxanthin is that there are no adverse effects for a high or low dosage.

  • If the supplement is to be effective, then 6 mg 4 times a day is usually fine.

  • If the individual wants better eye health one can take even up to 25 mg of zeaxanthin at a time.

  • The dosage may also vary with the age of the person.

  • A nutritionist or a doctor will be able to prescribe the exact quantity required for the supplement to be effective.