Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is originated from the Hindu religion. Yoga covers Rāja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Hatha Yoga as major branches in Hindu philosophy. The actual meaning of ‘Yoga’ is ‘union’ according to the Sanskrit language.

However, Yoga is climbing the ladder of popularity because of its healing power for people of various mental and physical disturbances. Yoga is now practiced all over the world to have healing of different physical and mental conditions. Most importantly, Yoga has the power of healing cancer disease too. A recent study on Yoga has said that Yoga can heal cancer disease. People who are suffering from heavy weight they can be happy using Yoga techniques to get faster and natural healing. People suffering from Alzheimer’s can also get good results once they use Yoga in a consistent manner. Yoga is the one answer for many questions. Therefore, Yoga awareness has been taken for greater attention to worldwide people.

What is Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a systematic process of medication, which will be provided with various types and forms for different kinds of problems. There are many systems and process of Yoga techniques, which are being subscribed for people in accordance with their problems. However, a physically fit person can also use Yoga techniques as in prevention from various diseases and the fit body.

Most Common Yoga Therapies

Yoga Asanas & Poses

There are various asanas and poses in Yoga providing physical and mental development of your body. If you are suffering from pain or other mental disorder you have to use these techniques. You muscles will be empowered to act properly.

Breathing Techniques for Yoga

This is basically for those who suffer from mental disorder like insomnia, forgetfulness and other mental disturbances. However, breathing techniques help your body to get rejuvenated.

Yoga Mudras

Mudras are special for your body to get proper shape. However, these mudras can help you get proper physical function of your body. It helps good circulation of blood, proper function of liver and kidney etc.

Yoga Bandhas

Bandhas help you get mental development. It can also give you will-power. If you are suffering from mental weakness, this therapy will help you a lot. If you do not have confidence so, you lose your strength of getting to work in particular, then this therapy is the best for you.

Yoga Cleansing Techniques

Many people suffer from eating disorder. They cannot digest their food properly. Most  people go to doctors for their abdominal treatment. But cleansing techniques of Yoga is the right answer for your abdominal problems.

Yoga Relaxation Techniques

You can use relaxation techniques of Yoga, which will help relax from your daily work. For working men and women this is one of the best therapies. You can use relaxation therapy for the best performance of your body. If you are not suffering from any disease then also this therapy will help you to relax your body completely. It has been found that many people these days use relaxation techniques of Yoga to get relief from their daily work pressure.

Yoga is really an effective technique for a healthy person too. As it is said that prevention is better than cure therefore, Yoga practicing can prevent your body from unwanted diseases.