40 to 60 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Refresher

40 to 60 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Refresher
  • As a teacher of Yoga it is extremely important to keep abreast with the new techniques and postures of the art since Yoga is in a constant state of evolution. As a teacher, one is expected to be the source of knowledge in the studio thus a teacher predominantly concentrates on teaching the asanas rather than learning the newer aspects of yoga.
  • The solution to this problem is to participate in a refresher course. Some of the refresher courses are for a period of 40 to 60 hours and thus do not put excessive load on the teachers schedule. In this time one can give more importance to the learning aspect and increase one’s knowledge regarding the field. Such courses also offer an opportunity to meet and mingle with other yoga teachers as well.
  • Opting for such courses can give one the opportunity to learn and share his knowledge with his peers and colleagues as well as with the teacher. People can also try and solve certain common difficulties which they face as teachers at a Yoga studio and try and solve these problems together.
  • Joining such a course can lead to an increase in one’s network and such bonds can prove to be useful in the future. Many of these refresher courses need not necessarily last for as long as 60 hours. They can be shorter too.   
  • Yoga retreats or vacations are not limited to people wanting a break from their hectic lives but also for certified yoga teachers looking to increase their knowledge about the subject. Some of these retreats or courses are set in an informal environment in order to make people feel free. Such courses do not offer certification of any kind but do serve a purpose all the same. There are some courses however which are set up in a formal environment and awards certificates to all the participants. Participation in such courses can definitely add to the resume. These courses are preferred by many yoga teachers.