Yoga Poses for Men

The Wonderful World of Yoga for Men

The Importance of Yoga

Yoga, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to join’, is the art that is based on a harmonious blend of the body, spirit and mind. There are numerous reasons for men to practice yoga. When practised regularly, yoga has the power of bringing to you an amazing sense of inner peace. It also enables you to achieve the feeling of being a part of the greater environment. It infuses in you a sense of mental clarity and emotional stability.

Amazing Advantages of Yoga

There are several other reasons for men to practice yoga. These are:

  • Yoga teaches you how to master the technique of breathing correctly. Controlled and repeated breathing imparts to your body a healthy tone and a natural glow.
  • Deep breathing is also effective in prevention of diseases that include:
    • Diabetes
    • High cholesterol and
    • Heart disease.
  • Yoga helps calm one’s mind while one is concentrating on one’s breathing pattern.
  • Lack of flexibility is corrected when one practices yoga
  • Yoga helps one in losing weight.
  • Regular practice of yoga reduces your stress levels and boosts immunity levels.
  • Yoga exercises help in the improvement of one’s posture by stretching, toning and strengthening of muscles.
  • Yoga also helps combat migraine besides assisting in correcting insomnia.
  • Practice of yoga helps in the improvement of one’s sexual health as well.

Yoga can Help Increase Stamina in Men

One can translate the basic principles of yoga that one has learnt in improving one’s performance while in the bedroom. There are research findings that firmly establish the link between the practice of yoga and better standards of sexual health. The findings indicate that regular yoga exercises bring about marked improvement in satisfaction levels, confidence, attainment of erection and the control of ejaculation as well as the attainment of powerful orgasms. Women who also practised yoga regularly expressed better lubrication and improved desire as well as better overall sexual satisfaction. Further, there are special asanas for men to increase the flexibility and stamina in men.

Special Yoga Poses for Men

It must be appreciated that yoga exercise is not meant to replace your trips to the gymnasium. On the contrary, yoga prepares the body for your gym workouts by ensuring that your body is that much more flexible and also by an increase in your stamina. There are five asanas for men that help to increase the flexibility and stamina in men. These are:

1. Bhujangasana also known as the cobra pose. This pose gives the spine a powerful backward stretch and especially the lower back that does not receive any work out in the gym is addressed in this pose. In this you lie down with the legs together while your hands are beneath the shoulders. You place the forehead on the floor and in the process of inhalation bring the head up slowly. Thereafter, you lift up your hands and using the back muscles raise the chest as much as is possible. Hold this pose for five breaths. After this exhale and descend slowly.

2. In Halasana or the plough pose the spine and the neck are made more flexible while the back, shoulder and the arm muscles are strengthened in men. This pose also promotes a healthy function for both the thyroid and prostate glands. This asana is described in detail later.

3. In Dhanurasana or the bow pose the back muscles are toned, posture and vitality are improved and the spine is made more elastic. It also helps in reducing visceral fat that is the source of most problems in men. This asana starts with you lying on the floor with the head down. You inhale and bend the knees upwards. Thereafter stretch your hands and clasp the ankles and exhale. Next, while inhaling raise your head as well as your chest. Simultaneously, pull the ankles upwards and lift your knees and thighs from off the floor. Arching backwards look up. While in this pose take three deep breaths, exhale and release the pose.

4. The Paschimotanasana is also known as the forward bend. Practising this asana will help in the reduction of the tightness in the hamstrings and hips that are often a big problem for men. From a position where you are lying down, have your arms stretched out behind you and take a deep breath and come to a sitting posture. Stretch your feet and sit on your pelvic bone after pulling the flesh of your buttocks from underneath you. Lengthen your spine by stretching your arms above the head. Pull your abdomen in and exhale. Fold forward from your pelvis while keeping your back straight. Bring the chin towards your shins and the chest towards your thighs. Thereafter, continue right down. Hold on to that part of your legs or feet that you can reach comfortably. Keep going further into the pose each time you exhale.

5. The Ardhamatsyendrasana is also known as the half spinal twist. Your spinal column needs to be twisted laterally as well as both backwards and forwards as is more common. This yoga movement tones the spinal nerves as well as the ligaments while improving the general elasticity of your spine. The asana starts with you kneeling down with the legs together and resting on the heels. While sitting to the right of your feet lift the left leg over the right and place the left foot against the outside portion of your right knee. Thereafter, bring the right heel next to the buttocks and keep your spine erect. While stretching the arms outwards to your sides at the shoulder level twist towards your left. Bring your right arm down on the side of your left knee and hold your left foot in your right hand while placing the left hand behind you on the floor. While exhaling twist as far as you can to your left. Hold for thirty seconds while looking over your left shoulder. Now repeat this sequence by twisting to your right.

You must try to practice each asana four to five times each week in order to improve your flexibility and strength. Each pose needs to be held for between thirty seconds and a minute while carrying on breathing smoothly. Besides the asanas for men to increase the flexibility and stamina in men there are also ten asanas that help improve one’s sex life.

Yoga Poses for Improving one’s Sex Life

The ten poses in yoga that help bring about an improvement in one’s sex life include:

Padmasana - This helps in promoting the flexibility of thigh and hip muscles that are at the crux among most of the sexual positions. The pose requires that you sit with your legs crossed on the floor. Pull both your feet in turns so that each foot rests upon the opposite thigh. As a result of the pose, one will feel the thigh muscles stretch throughout the duration the pose is adopted.

Utthan Pristhasan - Take a downward dog pose and from there you will need to bring the right foot up so that it joins the right wrist on the outside. Thereafter the right knee is to be bent while the thigh is kept parallel to the floor. For those that can manage, one can then lower oneself on one’s elbows gently.

Adho Mukha Svanasana - In this asana you will need to sit on your heels and lower the head upon the mat. Thereafter, you will stretch the arms forward and push your hips back even as you straighten your legs. Finally, you will have your buttocks facing upwards and your body will resemble a bridge.

Upavistha Konasana - This is one of the best poses for improving your blood flow in the groin. It consists of sitting with your feet spread outwards up to a position you can hold comfortably.

Viparita Karani - This pose is for improving the circulation in your pelvic zone. It consists of lying on the back with your legs held straight up in the air at right angles to your body. A wall can be used to give your legs support while they are kept straight.

Garudasana This pose helps blood circulation in your cervical area. Regular practice of this pose helps improve the pleasure attained during intercourse. While standing on one leg you will twine the other leg around it. Squeeze the legs together gently so that there is a rapid flow of blood in the area when the pose is released.

Known as the goddess pose, this asana is good especially for women as it helps reduce menstruation pains. While in a seated position one will have to bring one’s feet inwards in a bent condition. Thereafter, one will need to roll one’s back down slowly onto the floor till one is lying with one’s legs in the bent condition.

Known as the child pose, this helps in clearing the accumulated internal stresses so that one can concentrate on one’s partner. While in the kneeling position one needs to sit on one’s heels and gently arch one’s back. One may stretch one’s arms outwards in one’s front or alternately place the palms beside one’s feet.

The Halasana or the plow pose increases the flow of the blood to the brain thereby enhancing one’s alertness as well as stimulation. In this you lie down face up on the floor. Thereafter, bring your straightened legs vertically up in the air so that it is over your body. Next, bring the toes to rest behind your head upon the floor. One may either keep the arms by one’s side or rest them against one’s back.

The Bridge Pose - This pose is useful for improved orgasms. In this you start the asana while lying on the floor on your back. Thereafter, you will lift your buttocks with your knees bent till the thighs are parallel to the floor in the form of a bridge. One needs to hold the pose for between 30 seconds to a minute.

Finally, yoga and its asanas have withstood the test of time. it is obviously in our interest to seek out the various ways in which these asanas can help meet our individual needs.