Yoga and Obesity

Obesity is a kind of disease that puts strain on heart, respiratory and eliminatory system. It also acts as an accelerator and increases the chances of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease more than the normal condition. Generally, it has been noticed that people with obesity have low vitality. 

Obesity is found in two types of people firstly in those stressful people who eat very fast and excess than their normal diet and secondly in those household people who eat from boredom. With their excess eating habit people tend to put on weight and gets stressed and frustrated due to their appearance that become bit dull and uncanny. Some people live in this thought that by taking less food or insufficient food they will be able to reduce weight. In the contrary to this when they start dieting their body starts to slow down in order to conserve energy and its chances of survival. This is the reason in dieting the weight loss tends to slow downs thus dieting is not at all a good method for reducing weight. 

Yoga exercise can be an excellent mean of reducing weight and overcoming obesity problem only if you follow a daily yoga program and also avoid wrong and unhealthy eating habits. As the most common causes of growing Obesity is coupled with overeating, poor diet and also eating in the wrong time. Thus Yoga practicing will prove to be an excellent step for fighting against the obesity problem.  

Yoga and Obesity

Yoga and Obesity are two opposite terms but are well related. As with the help of gentle and simple yoga asanas you can reduce your weight problem that have been the major causing factor for growing Obesity problem. Some gentle yoga asanas later followed by Sun salutation exercise will proved to be the best in removing the blockages and librating pranic energy in your body. It will also be helpful in revitalizing the body and the mind. You should do yoga exercise regularly but at a comfort level not in the way that may strain you. Yoga asanas builds up the strength and vitality of the body but not in a very fast mode it does very slowly but surely. Yoga asanas need not to be intense or vigorous but it need to be done regularly and in the proper way and atleast for 30 minutes in a day. Along with regular exercise of yoga you should also be careful about your diet that should also be taken properly and at a proper time. With this you also need to practice the relaxation technique thus all these will be very helpful in overcoming Obesity. 

Yoga is one of oldest exercise that is prolonging from the ancient times. It is not only an exercise but also a cure that will help your body to get rid of all kinds of imperfection and impurification. It also increases the concentration and power of your mind. Thus with the help of Yoga Obesity can easily be cured. It will be slow but the surety of the elimination of this disease will also be there. Beside Obesity there are lot of other health problems that can be cured with the help of Yoga exercise. It is said to be the best remedy for any disease. Some other techniques beside Yoga that is used to cure Obesity are gastric bypass surgery, diet pills and health clubs. But these techniques are not in the reach of every person and it also does not help in long term management thus Yoga will be a simple and easy answer to such issues. 

So, at the end, we can conclude the best way to stay healthy and keep yourself away from the evil of obesity is to have a healthy and good diet and also a little bit of yoga will avoid all kinds of improper functions of body.