Yoga and High Blood Pressure

Millions and tons of people nowadays suffer from high blood pressure which is also commonly called as Hypertension. It has been regarded as the silent killer because in most of the cases there are no symptoms of this illness and thousands of people due to high blood pressure or hypertension suffer from heart attacks and strokes each year. This is just because they ignore their health and do not monitor their blood pressure on a regular basis. Having an annual check up is not only necessary but great too. It would help you in having a complete monitor of your health and also control on the unwanted and unhealthy lifestyle. But it won’t be sufficient if you are a patient of high blood pressure you need to give a proper diet and regular exercise in order to maintain a healthy blood pressure. There are many people who do not have time for exercise as they feel they have a hectic schedule. 

Now there is reason that will definitely make you happy. You need to invest your money and time in gym as Yoga has been proven to be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure. It will cost you nothing and you can start it by yourself by just practicing a few poses each day and within 4 to 5 weeks you will see the some positive result. If yoga and high blood pressure is combined then definitely some benefits will be seen you will be able to lower your blood pressure with some easy postures with daily practice. 

Yoga and High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is a common problem in today’s modern world and society and if it is not treated correctly and on time it may cause some severe damage to the other parts of body. People, who suffer from High Blood pressure, need to lower it on every term.  They need to neutralize the effects of hypertension on their body with the help of Yoga asanas and also by bringing in some change in their lifestyle and food habits. At times some medicines are recommended for people who need to lower their high blood pressure. 

Yoga proves to be a very beneficial and helpful treatment for hypertension. It really helps you to lower your high blood pressure. Various Yoga asanas designed especially for high blood pressure patients involves stretching and moving the body into various positions. During these exercises if you observe any kind of tension or tightness it should be relaxed immediately. Yoga exercise offers various stress management techniques that are very essential in order to lower down your high blood pressure. There are thousands of asanas of Yoga but only few of them are beneficial for lowering down the high blood pressure and they are: 

  • The most efficient one among all the asanas of Yoga for lowering the high blood pressure is forward bend. It have a pacifying effect on the brain, the nervous system, the blood circulation of the body that reaches to brain and it also proves beneficial in reducing your stress. All these effects help in lowering down the high blood pressure as this Yoga asanas slow down the pulse rate.  

  • Another Yoga asana that is very helpful to lower the high blood pressure is Upavista Konasana which helps in removing the tension from the ribs and the intercostals muscles and also helps you in breathing easily. People suffering from high blood pressure also have some difficulties in breathing, thus this asana helps them in this matter too and also lowers the high blood pressure.  

  • Other helpful Yoga asana is the Supine pose popularly called as Supta Baddhakonasana which helps in relaxing the abdominal region and calms the nerves which in turn lowers the high blood pressure.  

  • Some other recommended Yoga asanas for high blood pressure are Halasana and Setubandha Sarvangasana which refreshes the nerves and reduce the sympathetic very fast. Regular practice of the same regularizes the blood and lowers the high blood pressure. 

With combination of Yoga and high blood pressure the results are definitely effective and also very beneficial too.