Yoga for Heart Health

What is Heart Disease?

Coronary Heart/arterial Disease, CAD, stands for the condition of sufferings of heart muscles due to inadequate supply of oxygen. When heart muscles collapse, doctors would often suggest treatment using cord blood. It is experienced when arteries get blocked by plaques (semi solid emulsion of LDP and calcium). With this blocked passage for oxygen rich blood, heart requires to pump more, further stressing itself. 

Prior to dealing with yoga for heart disease, yoga poses for heart health and yoga for heart health, let have a closer look on the causes and signs of the disease and how yoga stops disease or increases health. In many hospitals, they are conducting Cord Blood Banking Service where they amass the cord blood and menstrual blood and store it. The cord blood stem cells are accountable for producing all the cells in our blood and immune system. 

Causes and Signs of Coronary Artery Disease

Building up of plaque inside coronary arteries stiffens them to a stage termed as atherosclerosis. Hypertension, high cholesterol and smoking all attribute to this and results in, CAD. It is developed over a long time. As it is a large process, people miss the signs till they are almost 50 years of age. Chest pain (angina) and short breaths symbolize CAD. But unfortunately for some individual, heart attack could be the initial sign of CAD.

Who Are CAD Patient 

Both the genders are considered to get affected by CAD. But generally men are believed to be at higher risk after age 45 and women are considered to be at higher risk after 55 years of age (post menopause). Studies show 50% of men and 63% of women who have crossed 50 years of age, die due to heart attack resulting to CAD.

Those having a family back ground of CAD are acknowledged to be at higher risk even at young age.

Coronary Artery Disease Risk Factors

Smoking, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol above 240 mg/dL (LDL) are the prominent risk components. Heredity is also crucial and plays a major part.

How Beneficial is Yoga for Heart Health in Combating this Disease?

A research, published in Journal of The Association of Physicians of India (JAPI), manifests the reversibility of heart disorder facilitating yoga. Study was on angiographic ally tested CAD patients, of whom 71 created the study group and 42 created the control group. And the results displayed that the serum total cholesterol levels had cut down by 23.3%, disease had reversed in 43.7% and progression was ceased in another 46.5% of the patients. Some remarkable improvements were identified in anxiety levels of patients. Calculated yoga fusing calming and stimulating measures leads to reduced serum cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels.

Poses of Yoga for Heart Health

The concept of yoga for heart health is in currency for a long time. Of late, it is receiving better mileage following concerted studies which have manifested how symptoms of coronary artery disease have been cut down. The most beneficial poses of yoga for heart health include:

Kapalabhati Breathing

Kapalabhati breathing is a pranayama therapy. In Kapalabhati you have to breathe in rapidly while consciously monitoring and tracking the movements of the diaphragm (a membrane separating stomach from chest.) This breathing technique stimulates the entire respiratory system reinforcing higher oxygen absorption in a small timeline. This ensures higher blood to reach cardiovascular muscles irrespective of its quantity, thus discarding the prominent complaint.

Yoga Mountain Pose

Tadasana, an entirely balanced standing posture is the pillar for all asanas which begin from standing. Touch your heels and big toes to each having weight balanced evenly on metatarsals (bones in foot) and toes. Toughen and pull-up calf muscles, thighs, knee caps, and hips. Squeeze stomach in; widen chest, neck and spine. Relax fingers, fall hands straight and keep them straight.