Yoga Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a great stress buster. When you do yoga, you will feel an inner peace come over you, and the stress, which affects the emotional, physical and endocrinal systems, will gradually dissipate. Physically, yoga is a very powerful medium for cleansing the body and making it strong and flexible. Given below are some of the most commonly known health benefits of yoga.

  1. Blood Pressure: Regular yoga results in a steady blood flow which in turn leads to elimination of high/low blood pressure conditions.

  2. Blood Circulation: Yoga is a proven catalyst for improved blood circulation. Yoga helps to transport nutrients and oxygen all over the body which keeps all the organs in a fit condition.

  3. Respiratory System: As yoga improves blood circulation, it helps the lungs to function more efficiently. Also, the various yogic breathing exercises help in the same way.

  4. Gastrointestinal: Yoga aids in the exclusion of toxins from the body. The ultimate result is an improvement in the digestive system and reduction of gastrointestinal problems.

  5. Immunity: There is a strong relation between yoga and immunity. As the body becomes healthier with the consistent practice of yoga, the body’s immune system also becomes more efficient.

  6. Ageing: It is a proven fact that regular practice of yoga slows down the effect of ageing. 

  7. Posture: Yoga by its very nature, teaches oneself to control and hold the body in a fashion that is healthy and comfortable. Consistent practice of yoga improves the posture greatly.

  8. Weight: The various Asanas of yoga keep the metabolism of the body at its highest efficiency, helping in burning excess calories and toning the muscles. This ultimately results in weight loss and an overall fit-looking body.

  9. Sleep: With so much good happening at a physical, mental and spiritual level, the body becomes relaxed with regular yoga and there is a definite improvement in the quality of sleep.

  10. Sexuality: As a result of a regimen of regular yoga, sexuality also gets enhanced in a healthy way, as a result of improved blood circulation and a relaxed state of mind.

  11. Stress Reduction: As extreme concentration is required while practicing yoga, one develops the power to focus on the issue at hand, thereby resulting in a reduction of stress levels in daily life.

  12. Depression: Yoga changes the mood of a person, blocking negative feelings which may be suppressed within. A popular therapy for people who are suffering from depression is yoga in the form of deep breathing exercises.

  13. Self-Control: As yoga itself is all about how one controls and regulates one’s body, yoga is a great teacher of self-control.

  14. Reduction and Alleviation of Symptoms: Research has proved that practice of yoga reduces the symptoms of various illnesses within a very short span of time.

  15. Concentration and Memory: It has been proved that in just eight weeks of practicing yoga, there is an improvement in memory, concentration and motivation.

  16. Better Body Chemistry: There is an overall improvement in the body chemistry. With regular yoga, cholesterol gets controlled, the endocrine glands function better, and production of positive chemicals is enhanced.

  17. Improved Muscle Tone: This is the most obvious result of yoga, due to the various exercises which are performed.

  18. Reduced Oxygen Consumption and Breathing: Yoga uses less oxygen that other forms of exercise, resulting in a more efficient exercise program.


These are just a few of the many benefits of practicing yoga. Yoga is beneficial to all sorts of people – young, old, obese, thin, healthy or unhealthy and so on. As there are several forms of yoga, it must be understood that one should be aware of the specific benefit required while choosing the form of yoga that needs to be practiced.