Yoga for Hair Fall Control & Hair Growth

Are you worried about your hair loss? Is graying hair taking the sheen out of your personality? Does the thought of combing your hair and finding a slump of hair sticking to your comb gives you an awful feeling? Yes! Then why not try yoga to stop hair loss and cure other hair related problems and regain your confidence? There are simple yoga exercises which you can learn quickly, do it at home and make your hair stronger and shiny. And what’s more? These exercises will also help reduce stress, improve blood circulation and keep your body in perfect shape. So why wait? Let’s begin-

Best ways to Hair Fall Control Using Yoga at Home

Balayam Yoga: Made famous by Indian Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev, this nail rubbing exercise is simple but highly effective and can be done anywhere standing or sitting.


  • Just curl the fingers of both your hands except the thumbs.
  • Bring them in contact of each other and start rubbing them briskly.
  • Keep doing it for 5 minutes at a stretch, relax for a few minutes and then repeat again.

Besides being an excellent exercise in yoga to reduce white hair, it also prevents hair loss and cures baldness.


Natural Methods to cure Hairfall - Baba Ramdev

Uttanasana: Also known as Forward Bending pose, it is a basic level exercise in yoga to address your hair problems.


1. Stand straight. Bring your legs closer to each another till your feet, toes, knees and heels touch each others.

2. Now inhale deeply. While releasing the breath, raise your hands to above your head and bend forward and touch the floor. If comfortable, bring your hands behind your heels.

3. Hold this position and keep breathing normally.

4. After a few minutes, take a deep breath and stand back straight.

People who find it difficult to touch the ground with their hand can hold their elbows with their palms. This asana is one of best exercises in yoga for faster hair growth as it improves blood circulation from the heart to scalp and also relieves you of all stress and anxiety.

Ustrasana: Popularly known as Camel Pose, this moderate difficulty level Asana requires flexibility in the body to perform it.


1. Kneel on a mat with your legs spread and hands placed on hips.

2. Now bend your spine backward while trying to hold the heels with your hands.

3. Now move your face upwards and look at the ceiling.

4. Hold this position and concentrate on your breath.

5. After a few breaths, gently return to your position.

A little difficult but it is one of the best ways to best hair fall controlling using yoga at home as it strengthens the core of your body besides improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Yoga for Faster Hair growth:

Vajrasana: The Diamond Pose in Yoga is a breathing exercise aimed to cure hair problems by reducing stress of your body and mind.


1. Sit on a mat on the floor with your spine erect. Keep your legs stretched.

2. In the sitting position, bend your legs and place them under your thighs. The heel of one leg should be on top of the other.

3. Now place your hands, with palms facing downwards, on your upper thighs.

4. Inhale slowly and exhale.

5. Hold this position as long as you are comfortable and then return to your first position.

This exercise can be done immediately after meals and is excellent in increasing blood supply to the scalp.

Other yoga exercises for faster hair growth are Uttanasana and Ustarasana.


Yoga for Hair Growth in Men's Baldness

Sarvangasana: Known as Shoulder Stand pose, this pose is little difficult to do than others discussed above. However, the beauty of this pose is that it is a total body workout exercise and provides many other health benefits.


1. Lie on the floor with legs together.

2. Now lift your legs to the 90 degree position.

3. Pressing the floor with your palms, lift your hips while bringing the leg forward.

4. Hold your waist with the palms and place them vertical to the floor.

5. Your chin should be locked to your chest and your weight on the shoulders.

6. In this position, you should be able to see your toenails.

7. Slowly inhale and exhale and hold the position till you are comfortable.

8. Return to the first position by lowering your legs.

In addition to reducing hair fall by improving blood supply to the scalp, the pose is also beneficial in strengthening the respiratory and digestive system.

Uttanasana and Balayam yoga discussed above is also equally good in curing baldness.


Yoga to reduce White Hair

Kapalbhati: This pranayam works wonder for reducing premature gray hair. It is highly effective cleansing the body system by removing harmful toxins and revitalizing hair cells.


1. Sit on the floor in cross leg posed with knees bent, eyes closed and hands on your lap.

2. Take your breath in and out while contracting your abdominal muscle.

3. Keep doing it for 5-10 minutes or as much as you are comfortable.

Other asanas in yoga to reduce white hair are Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose) and Balayam (rubbing nails).

Yoga for Long and Healthy Hair for women

Sasangasana: Also called Rabbit Pose, it is an effective exercise in yoga for long and healthy hair for women. Sasangasana is beneficial for hair as it ensures proper blood circulation to your scalp.


1. Sit in a child pose with knees on the floor and hips on your heels.

2. Take both your hands to the back and hold your heels.

3. Now bend forward and place your forehead on the floor.

4. While slowly taking breaths, lift your hips and press your head as close to your knees as possible.

5. Hold this position for 4 to 6 breaths.

6. Now slowly exhale and return to child pose by lowering your hips.

Kapalbhati, Ustrasana and Sasangasana are other yoga exercises you can perform for long and health hair.

Yoga to Stop Hair loss

Adho Mukha Svanasana: Known as downward facing dog pose, it is one of the widely recognized poses in Yoga and is known to be highly effective in stopping hair loss.


1. Lie down on your stomach.

2. Keep your palms on the ground and lining up with your shoulders.

3. Keep your legs straight with your toes pointing in the downward direction.

4. Now slowly push your hips up and stand on your toes to make an inverted 'V' position.

5. Set straight your spine as much as possible.

6. Hold the position for 5 to 6 inhales and exhales and gently return to the first position.

In addition, you can also perform Balayam, Kapalbhati, Sasangasana and Vajrasana to stop hair loss.


All these natural Yoga exercise deliver best results when practiced with a healthy and nutritious diet plan. Equally important is to give your mind and body ample rest and rejuvenation. Always remember, the root cause of most of your hair problems is stress. So keep it at bay and let you hair shine!