Yoga for Anxiety

Yoga for Anxiety

Life is running at a fast pace today.We all are tied up with our commitments and the stress that accompanies it. Often switching to medications solves the problem temporarily but gradually causes deterioration of health.Yoga is the best alternative therapy that helps us stay healthy and keep all ailments away. Different asanas, yogic postures and meditation can help us achieve mountain tasks in a composed and disciplined manner. But before we begin this fitness regime we must ask us these questions that might help us lead the bastion of yoga for panic and anxiety-

1) Do you wake up in the middle of the nights?

2) Does your palms become sweaty and you get unnerved at the slightest disturbance?

3) Do you have frequent palpitations?

4) Do you forget things easily and have an urge to smoke or drink?

If all the answers to these questions is yes, then you are indeed a victim of stress and anxiety and must follow yoga for stress and panic attacks. Here are some of the stress related disorders that you may be recogniized with-panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder to name a few.

Some of the useful asanas to beat anxiety are as follows :

1) Balasana or child's pose - This asana help us to release tension in the back, neck and shoulders.Sit on your knees with your body weight on thighs and exhale as you bow forward stretching your muscles and resting your palms and forehead on the mat.

2) Vriksasana or tree pose - Promotes concentration and awareness.Stand tall bending left leg and folded on the right thigh.Hands joined together, stand in this posture for few seconds.Try to extend the time gradually.

3) Shirshasana or head stand pose - This asana needs you to do a head stand pose and focus on your breathing.This helps to reduce depression and detoxification of adrenals.

4) Virbhadrasana or warrior pose - Stand on your right foot and lift your left foot at  90 degrees angle to your right one.Stretch your arms forward and remain in this position for few seconds, putting your weight on the right foot.

5) Pranayam  or breathing exercises - This involves a series of breathing exercises and meditation helping reduce cumulative stress and reduce apprehension.

Yoga for anxiety in children - Some of the acute behavioral disorders in kids like ADHD, Asperger's syndrome and other learning disabilities can be cured by yoga. Balasana, Vrikshasana and Virbhadrasana are some of the key asanas that help children to calm down and acquire more discipline in their lives. Children often tend to misbehave and throw tantrums because their mind is agitated. Yoga helps them to soothe their nerves and increase thier focus on daily activities like reading, writing, games and music.

 Yoga for Anxiety

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Yoga for anxiety in young adults

Our youngsters these days are involved in lot of activities like sports, trekking, debates and preparing for competitive exams to accomplish all these tasks they need lot of energy. Yoga at this stage provides them lot of motivation and positive energy. Yoga for young adults enhances the entire response of the central nervous system, increasing reflexes and alertness to dangers. It also reduces blood pressure and heart rate to a great extent lowering the dependency on medications. In yoga the breathing exercises or pranayams are helpful to a great extent. The deep breathing helps in inhaling more oxygen which purifies blood cells and creates new cells in the blood stream.

Yoga for old adults - As we age our ability to work and reflexes to action and bone strength reduces.At this age people cannot afford to exert too much pressure on their bones.So rigorous workouts like cardio, running or jogging can be harmful.

So yoga is the best alternative at old age to keep your mind and body in shape.

Yoga asanas to improve concentration and memory

We normally survive with a lot of emotional baggage and are unable to get rid of it due to the fast paced life. Because we are caught up in a race, we're unable to focus on the tiny details, that is why we apply yogasasnas to improve concentration and memory.

Here are some of the asanas to improve the concentration and memory:

1) Padmasana - Sit on the floor crossing your legs, in a meditative position.Join your hands as a namaskar and inhale and exhale deeply.Do this every day for 5 minutes.

2) Garudasana - This posture is helpful not only in improving concentration but also in releasing the tension from shoulders and hips.Stand straight. Bend your right leg and cross it over to the left knee such that your right foot is hooked on your left calf. Now cross your right elbow over your left elbow. Do it again on the left side.

3) Natarajasana - Stand straight.Bend your right leg at the knee and grab it with your right hand at the ankle.Now stretch your left hand forward and bend slightly forward.Repeat on the other side.

These asanas are recommended for all age groups and play a key role in magical transformations of our lives. They are like an elixir of happiness that gradually leads us to the path of tranquility and success.