7 Yoga Asanas to Control Diabetes

Yoga is a traditional therapy of exercising body and mind for balancing all its functions at the optimum state. Almost all the disorders known to human beings can be cured by yoga along with diabetes. There are several postures and breathing exercises which would stimulate the pancreas to generate sufficient insulin to maintain the right balance of sugar in the body. 

Some of the yoga asanas for diabetes that have tested beneficial for reversing type 2 diabetes includes:

Pranayama - This Pranayama asana is simple breathing technique that has comprehensive benefits. By practicing the art of pranayama, you can treat your body. Point to remember is that you need to spend half hour a day practicing pranayama. There are 7 basic pranayama techniques that have been believed to be good yoga for diabetes.

  1. Anuloma - Viloma Pranayama
  2. AgniSar Kriya 
  3. Bahya Pranayama
  4. Bhramari pranayam
  5. Bhastrika Pranayama
  6. Kapalabhati Pranayama 
  7. Udgit pranayama

Ardha Matsyendrasana - This asana is also acknowledge as the spine twisting pose which is a difficult pose and cannot be conducted without ample practice. But the benefits of this asana are immense in enabling the pancreas recover. 

Mandukasana - Mandukasana is also said to be the frog pose and is beneficial to diabetic patients as it put pressure on the pancreas. 

Paschimottasana - This is a pose which catapults the function of the pancreas, liver and the kidneys. You should sit on a mat stretching legs in front of you. Take a deep breath. Slowly bend forward exhaling putting your head on your knees and reaching your toes. Touch your toes and remain in this posture for 2-3 breaths and then recoil.

Shalabhasana - This posture is quite effective for treating acidity and digestion disorder. 

Vakrasana - A little easier asana and an alternative to Ardha Matsyendrasana is 'Vakrasana'. This posture has all the advantages of the spine bending posture and is simple to perform. 

Yogamudrasana - This pose also apply pressure on the stomach and specifically on the pancreas. The major difference between Madukasana and Yogamudrasana is that Yogamudrasana is performed in Padmasana whereas Madukasana is conducted in Vajrasana pose.

Right Diet for Diabetes

Don’t forget that Yoga can cure diabetics only if you follow a controlled diet. Your pancreas did not function because they are fed up of digesting bad processed food items. You must slowly move towards a natural diet and don’t eat processed food. Salt, refined sugar, meat products, and junk food all are processed. 

What is a Natural Diet

A natural diet consists of fruits and vegetables. You should consume fruits in their raw form without frying or adding anything to it. Similarly do not consume processed fruit juices, but drink fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Rely on Raw Fruits

The best way to initiate is eat a 'raw food' breakfast consisting of fruits or raw veggies and sprouts. Of course, fruits contain sugar but it is natural. Natural sugar is acceptable by the body. Only thing to remember is to eat fruits in an empty stomach. Also do not drink water half hour prior and after eating fruits.

Right Diet Regime 

To start with take a glass of lukewarm water and then perform pranayama for half an hour followed by a fruit based diet. 

If you find this beneficial, start eating meal of fruits twice a day. 

Things to Avoid:

  1. You must avoid milk and milk products.
  2. Avoid tea and coffee. If in any case you are addicted to it, consider taking milk less tea/coffee.
  3. Avoid sugar coated food products.
  4. Avoid substitutes of sugar as this is equally harmful. 
  5. Cut down intake of foods rich in starch like rice. 
  6. Avoid all processed food along with junk food.
  7. Reduce the consumption of meat and replace it with vegetables.
  8. Don’t consume soy milk and other processed products out of it.
  9. Avoid processed fruit juices.
  10. Avoid soda and other carbonated drinks
  11. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  12. Avoid starch based food items.
  13. Avoid consuming protein supplements.
  14. Cut down the intake of eggs and sea food

Learn to Be Happy

One of the prominent reasons of diabetes other than a bad diet is stress. Try to find out the mantra of happiness. Do things that you love doing. Listen to your favorite music, talk with friends, take a hot bath, watch something relaxing, have a vacation - in other words, do something that relaxes you and bring you in a good mood. Positive energy draws positive energy and vise versa. So stop concentrating on the problem and open your mind to the wideness of the universe. Practice awareness. Live in today and stop worrying about the past and the future. 

Practicing Simple Exercises

Early morning long walks are the best thing you can do to keep your body fit. You need not jog, run or ride a bicycle. Simply walk slowly and consistently. As you walk, be happy, praise the nature around you, inhale the refreshing air and be thankful for it, listen to the birds chirp, experience the aliveness in your body and enjoy yourself.

However, apart from yoga for diabetes there are several others factors that are crucial to cure diabetes.