Yoga Clothing

If you have begun taking yoga classes and wondering what type of yoga clothing to go for, then you have arrived at the right place. Here are a few tips to choose yoga clothing that is just right for you and your personality.

  • Choose clothing that is neither very loose nor tight. Loose fitting and flexible fabric are the ones to look for. Shorts and form-fitting tops look great but end up getting bunched together during exercise.
  • Try cotton tunics on long track pants for a comfortable exercising experience.  
  • Bottoms for women can be long pants, capris or shorts. But remember that they should have enough room for stretches and bends. Also, it is better that you opt out of long pants if you are into hot yoga that makes you sweat.
  • For men, it is advisable that they go for muscle shirts or vest-type tank tops. Wouldn’t say that T-shirts are bad but men tend to sweat more than women and hence less fabric is more comfortable.
  • Men prefer to wear shorts as bottom options. But make sure they are cotton based and loose and not too short either. The best test on shorts for yoga is to squat on the floor wearing it and twists to the extent possible. This gives you an idea of the flexibility and comfort that the fabric has to offer.
  • A definite no-no for your yoga classes is a sweatshirt paired with sweatpants.  These will not only make the whole outfit fill up with the perspiration but also make them very cumbersome to deal with during the exercise.
  • Choice of underwear should be one that soaks and dries up as quickly. Cotton is not the ideal fabric for this purpose as it gets very heavy when wet. Investing in moisture-wicking briefs might not be a bad idea at all.
  • Finally, it is yoga that is important rather than yoga clothing. So instead of worrying about fashionable yoga clothing for your classes it is prudent to note a few don’ts like never wear - old, holey and sagging clothing; light-colored pants that reveal your inners; revealing garments as they can get you into embarrassing situations.