Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complains that we hear from almost everyone. There are many causes that sometimes it becomes really very hard to find a solution or a pain relief at home. The pain can range from simple muscle pain to a very serious issue like arthritis or a tumor. You need to see a doctor to know the severity of your pain and accordingly it can be evaluated. There are many options in order to find some relief. 

Yoga for back pain is one of the options and is a wonderful way to stretch the body and relax the mind. At times too much of stress can put strain on the body and yoga is such an exercise that helps in reducing such stress and strain. Its movement works to create balance and support in the body also it helps in increasing the flexibility which in turn helps in stretching and supporting the muscles around the back. Different techniques are used in yoga for back pain and they are found useful in reducing the pain by increasing the awareness in person’s mind and body as how to prevent such pain. 

Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for back pain is a type of therapy exercise that is suggested to be a great one for the body as well as for the spirit. As you all know that yoga is an ancient Indian tradition and it is a combination of both mental as well as physical discipline that integrates and meditates the body and mind in different forms of body postures and breathing techniques. Yoga for back pain is a terrific form of exercise designed in such a way that it is beneficial for all the people of all age groups and abilities. It is a non competitive form and it brings inner peace and it can be easily practised virtually anywhere and anytime. It does not require any kind of special equipment and most of the people who practice it regularly find it as a very rewarding experience.

The basic strength of Yoga for back pain lays in stretching of muscles and joints and then holding them in such a position and combining it with the breathing technique. The targeted exercise of yoga for back pain works very systematically and when it is coupled with the relaxing breathing techniques it reduces the strain on muscles and joints and occasionally it helps in repositioning of tendons and muscles fibres. This is the reason as to why yoga for back pain is occupying the top position among all the other treatments for back pain. 

Some typical yoga postures for back pain that helps you in overcome this problem are as follows: 

  • Corpse Pose also known as Shavasana remarks the end of all workout. All you need to do is simply lie down on your back with feet and palms comfortably away from your body and then starting from toes you need to concentrate on each and every organ of your body in such a way that you relax fully and then breath calmly.  This posture will give some comfort in your back and will heal the pain.

  • Cat Stretch or Chaturangasana is a yoga exercise for back pain that will sooth the pain while you are doing it. You need to rest on your knees and palms just below the shoulders the breath slowly in a cycle while holding your spine and looking straight forward. Then crouch inward and try and gaze at the navel and finally exhale deeply. 

The treatment of yoga for back pain imparts many health benefits to the individual who is taking in the service of the same. Most of these benefits are for the healing of back pain while other proves beneficial for general health. It is very important for you to make sure that such exercise will be the right treatment for your particular back pain condition otherwise it may prove to harmful. Thus it is advisable that before starting it you need to consult a doctor and take your moves according to his recommendation.