Yoga and Arthritis

Arthritis is such a disease that is torturing a maximum number of populations these days. The person suffering from Arthritis experiences stiffness and pain in the limbs and the mobility of the same is restricted. This is caused due to the deterioration of the cartilaginous tissues that works for the protection of joints and facilitates the movement as a result of the deterioration of the same the bones rub against each other and causes pain. There can be many reasons of Arthritis to occur in the bones and muscles such as aging, obesity, lifestyle and heredity. Some basic methods of Yoga can help in bringing in a constructive and positive change in the patient suffering from arthritis. Beside yoga healthy eating, positive thinking and healthy lifestyle will also be proved to be very fruitful in the case of arthritis patient. 

Yoga practices in arthritis along with the pranayama will help in making your joints more strong and supple. They will tend to move with ease and free of rigidity and it will prove to be an essential step in order to avoid or deal with Arthritis. As with the practice the body reaches a state of equilibrium and thus it will soon get rid of all toxic wastes and the level of uric acid will also be in control and with the removal of uric acid there will be a relief in pain. Yoga will also help in weight loss as the body looses excess weight the stress under the joints will also be lowered thus allowing movements in these parts of the body. Overall Yoga will alter the bad habits of excessive eating, unnecessary sleeping and negative thinking and with this it will also build up your resistance to arthritis as well as for other disease too. 

Yoga and Arthritis

Yoga had been proved to be a great way to manage and heal arthritis with its gentle and simple exercises. Regular yoga practice strengthens the joints that become crucial for uplifting the spirit of the patient who suffers from arthritis because the pain of the same will be greatly lessened thus giving relief to the patient. Yoga also restores flexibility in your joints thus counteracting the stiffness that is causing some difficulty in moving around of those parts of the body. Along with this it decreases the amount of uric acid in your system as too much of uric acid which is brought by over consumption of alcohol and rich food may result in some uncanny pain in your joints. When this uric acid is releases with the help if Yoga exercise you will feel much better as the pain of arthritis is also reduced. 

While taking in yoga exercise obesity might also get avoided as losing weight will also remove the stress from the joints and will allow you to move freely without encountering much pain. Yoga will also build up your immune system to be stronger thus in turn relaxing your mind and restoring your resistance to disease and your ability to live life to the fullest. 

Here are few simple Yoga asanas that you may practice and do regularly so that you can do combat Arthritis:

  • In the entire body the wrists and the hands are the most affected parts therefore to keep your joints supple and flexible you need to continuously flex and bend your wrist and clench your fists. For ankle joints simple rotations and flexing exercise can be done. 

  • To alleviate the pain from neck and shoulder you simply need to stretch in such a way that it serves to boost the flexibility in these affected parts and also it reduces stress of the joints while working the muscles into shape. The Standing side stretch pose helps in lengthening the muscle while simply raising your right arm over your head and then extending to the left will stretch and radiate the muscles on your right side. Repeat the same step with left arm and left side will be stretched thus giving relief in the body and subsiding pain. 

  • Relaxation is said to be the key component of Yoga and a crucial one for Arthritis patient. The Corpse pose will allow you to relax your entire body while the Sukhasana or Easy pose will meditate and straighten the spine and relax the mind. 

With the help of these Yoga poses Arthritis patients will find relief and will also help you to get back in your shape.