Alternative Cancer Treatment Facts from Yoga

Alternative Cancer Treatment Facts from Yoga
  • Practicing Yoga has a huge list of benefits for the mind and body of a human being. This list however does not include curing cancer. Several tests have been conducted in order to state or negate the effects of yoga on cancer.
  • Though it is true that yoga cannot cure cancer, it can certainly help strengthen the mind and body to recuperate and withstand dangerous treatments for cancer like chemotherapy etc.
  • It has a huge positive psychological and physiological effect on a person undergoing treatment for cancer. Regular treatment for cancer has a lot of side effects like loss of sleep, loss of strength in muscles and bones, constant fatigue etc. These side effects make it harder for a patient to recover from cancer. Yoga helps in keeping these side effects from occurring as far as possible. Practicing yoga will definitely help in reserving strength in the muscles and will not let all the strength drain away.
  • People have been known to walk a mile after treatment with the help of yoga. Yoga primarily helps in increasing self confidence in a person and his ability to perform tasks.  Patients suffering from cancer but practicing yoga have also reported peaceful sleep with a gradual but constant improvement in moods.
  • All the treatment also leads to a huge build up of stress which can prove to be extremely harmful. Yoga helps in loosing all the stress and bringing calm and peace in to one’s life. Practicing yoga helps in boosting the immune system of the body which in turn results in faster recovery after treatment.  For yoga to help the patient, there a lot of factors that need to be taken in to consideration. Some of these factors are the type of cancer as well as the location and the progress of the disease. Other factors are the individual himself and the treatment prescribed along with the diet.
  • Yoga helps in improving the quality of life after and during the treatment of cancer.