Yaws Disease Facts

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Yaws ( A66.-+ )

About Yaws

People from warm humid regions of the earth particularly the tropical areas of Africa, Asia, South and Central Americas and the Pacific Islands usually get into the attack of this disease yaws. Yaws is a common chronic infectious disease which makes severe attack into the body. The lesions of this disease usually appear in bumps on the skin of the face, hands, feet, and genital area and it spreads in a rapid speed to other part of the body. Although, the starting of the yaws is very tiny as it appears with a single lesion but later grows with a crust leaving a base that resembles the consistency of a raspberry.

The name ‘yaws’ is derived from the word ‘yaya’ as it means sore which is Carib origin.  The origin of the disease was in Africa and later it spread to all over the world because of immigration and slave trade. The cure of yaws is still a great doubt for the doctors all over the world but it can be cured if further action and proper treatments are taken at the early stages of this disease. Yaws can attack the whole body and particularly it damages the skin and therefore if the treatment is delayed it is impossible to cure it.

Complications of Yaws

Yaws causes many complications as it damages the skin and bones. Yaws affects the outlook of the body and this disease causes to restrict the movement of the body part where it occurs. Yaws can also cause deformities of the legs, nose, palate, and upper jaw if it occurs there and therefore it is a very deadly disease.

Symptoms of Yaws

The bacteria of yaws enter the skin of the person within 2 - 4 weeks after infection and that bacteria develop a sore which is called a ‘mother yaw’. Initially the sore does not form much pain but as it grows it develops pain and it looks like a raspberry in the initial stage.

Some of the most important symptoms of yaws include:

  • Getting pain in bones
  • Scarring of the skin in a frequent moment
  • Developing swelling of the bones and fingers and other parts where it occurs

The final stages of yaws are very horrible as the disease enables to the organs to have severe disfigurement and disability.

Treatment of Yaws

A single dose of a precise type of penicillin is a good treatment for this disease and it can be increased to 3 weekly doses for later stage of yaws. It has been observed that if the disease is removed from the treatment then it seldom returns to the same person. Blood tests such as VDRL, Rapid Plasma Reagin should be taken for the examination of this disease.

Intramuscular penicillin is the foremost important medicine for yaws. Erythromycin or tetracycline tablets are also given for this disease.

Causes of Yaws

Yaws is a severe skin disease which is caused by the spiral-shaped bacteria. The name of the bacteria is Treponema pallidum. Yaws is not sexually transmitted. The main effect of yaws is in children from rural, warm, tropical areas. Yaws can be caused by direct contact with the skin sores of infected people so it is also a contagious disease.

Yaws Types

Yaws are of various types for example frambesia tropica, thymosis, polypapilloma tropicum, pian or parangi.