World Malaria Day 2017

World Malaria Day 2017 theme is "Roll Back Malaria ". 

Malaria affects nearly 500 million people every year and is fatal for nearly a million people, more so in the Sub-Saharan, African and the developing countries.

World Malaria Day, to be held on 25th April of each year, was propagated by the World Health Assembly at its 60th session in 2007, to encourage and recognize the world wide effort to combat Malaria.  The World Malaria Day is also an occasion for: 

  • Countries in the affected regions to share and learn from each other’s experience in tackling the epidemic of Malaria.

  • An opportunity for new participants to join the fight against Malaria.

  • To give a boost to research and scientific organizations to work towards better management of malaria.

  • To create awareness of the successful efforts and to find ways to improve these efforts.

World Malaria Day Themes

2015 theme - "Invest in the future: defeat malaria"

2014 theme - "Invest in the future: defeat malaria"

2013 theme - "Invest in the future: defeat malaria"

2012 theme - "Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria"

2011 theme - "Achieving progress and impact"

2010 theme - "Counting malaria out"

2009 theme - "Counting malaria out"

theme - "Malaria - a disease without borders"

The theme of the first World Malaria Day was ‘Malaria-A Disease without Borders’ 

The second World Malaria Day saw the beginning of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership 

The third World Malaria Day, showcases the continuing campaign of ‘Roll Back Malaria Partnership’ of ‘Counting Malaria Out’ by accelerating efforts to reach the goals set by the ‘Global Malaria Action Plan’.

The campaign includes universal Malaria Net coverage for populations at risk, thereby reducing new cases of Malaria and Malaria deaths by half.  The SAM BED NET is a portable anti malarial net that can be set up anywhere.   The campaign also includes helping endemic countries ability to control malaria, to promote new initiatives and remedies to control malaria.

The fourth World Malaria Day recognizes the efforts of various organizations working globally to combat malaria; the theme of the fourth World Malaria Day is Achieving Progress and Impact- marks a renewed effort to achieve the goal of no malaria deaths by 2015.

An important addition to the fourth World Malaria Day is linked to the Millennium Development Goals, of  not only reducing the impact of malaria but also to realize the rights of women and children to good health care, access to education and reduction of poverty.  

The events to be scheduled for this year’s World Malaria Day are a demonstration of the anti malarial nets, easy testing and distribution of anti malarial drugs, a seminar on progress made while combating malaria, the inclusion of African footballers in the campaign to combat malaria, a seminar on alternative to DDT to control malaria and a dissemination of research and medicinal progress to combat malaria

The efforts unleashed on The World Maria Day have seen a definite impact in reducing Malaria, Rwanda has seen a 45% decline in malaria cases, Zambia  a50% reduction in malaria, Cambodia 50% and Eritrea a massive 80% decline I malaria.