World Lung Cancer Day 2015

Lung cancer is the most deadliest and fatal of all cancers.  2010 was the Year of the Lung Campaign, and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) and members of the International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) marked the 4th of February as the World Lung Cancer day by heightening awareness of lung cancer, the importance of lung health and to reduce lung disease morbidity and mortality.  The World Lung Cancer day also hopes to highlight the fact that this malignant disease is preventable and can be treated if detected early.  The theme for the World lung cancer day is ‘Stop Smoking -Prevent Lung Cancer’

Lung cancer causes nearly 1.2 million deaths worldwide, mostly in developed countries.  90% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking and the rest 10% due to carcinogenic pollution in the environment.  

World Lung Cancer Day 

Smoking is the major cause of lung cancer and hence tackling the tobacco epidemic is the major plank of the World Cancer Day.  The European Respiratory Society (ERS) in collaboration with the Turkish Thoracic Society is planning a lecture on cessation of the use of tobacco and the benefits this activity would accrue to the healthy functioning of the lungs.  The ERS would also lobby governments and health care authorities on effective prevention policies, and increased resources towards research and improved patient care and medical facilities.

A major programme to be initiated on the World Cancer Day is the introduction of spirometry, a consumer friendly and non invasive means of testing the health of the lungs and their functioning.  This means of lung testing will be made available to the public in hospitals and clinic globally.

A campaign launched on World Lung Cancer day is to educate parents and adults to encourage healthy habits with children so as to prevent 40% of cancers in later years:

  • Provide a smoke free environment for children to grow up in.

  • To be physically active, eat a balanced and nutritious diet.

  • To have know how of vaccines for virus related and cervical cancer.

  • Avoid over exposure to the sun.

The world Lung Cancer day is a day to raise funds to tackle lung cancer and reduce the burden of further development of cancer by disseminating information about prevention and treatment of lung cancer.