World Immunisation Week 2017

2017 theme is "VaccinesWork", 2015 Theme is "Close the immunization gap" and 2014 theme is “Are you up-to-date?”.

Immunisation day is dedicated to make the people aware about different vaccines effective in different diseases. Measles, mumps, tuberculosis are some diseases which attack the child in his childhood and parents don’t know what happens to them. Therefore in this day different immunisation programs are established in order to create awareness among people about diseases, their causes, vaccines their effects and proper recovery methods. In this program number of activities happen: 

  • Groups of members and society members come together to give the guidelines related to immunisation.
  • People come to know about new vaccine availability, its benefits.
  • People bring their children for detailed check-up and give vaccine and polio as required.
  • Staff members and nurses maintain the immunisation record and provide them when needed.
  • Number of immunisation session are organised so that awareness can spread worldwide.

What is immunisation?

Immunisation is a shield that protects children, young person and elderly person from different diseases. Though there is pollution particle spread all over the places containing different infection, we cannot protect our self from getting into the body but all we can do is to increase our body resistance so that our body become strong enough to fight with these diseases. Different injections and vaccines increase the body immunity that reacts with diseases. There are different type of diseases like measles, mumps, influenza, hepatitis which can create complication in body and sometimes results to death. Therefore immunisation is given to protect the children and an adult from disesases.This is given in the form of injection or through mouth. When it is given through injection it is termed as vaccination and when given through mouth it is termed as polio.

Some of the vaccination described below which can protect children from diseases:-


It is a disease causes mainly by bacteria affecting the main organ that is lungs. When a person inhale the air having this infected bacteria, he gets infected with TB.Earlier people were mainly suffered with this disease because there was no proper vaccine available. The BCG vaccine has been made for fighting with this infectious disease.


it is caused by virus causing small pox all over the body. It is a complicated disease the MMR vaccine is made for this disease. Therefore proper vaccination should be done, as it is said that prevention is better than cure.


It is also infectious disease caused by virus. The vaccine is given in the form of two doses: MMR.


This is viral continagious disease effecting the lungs and air pipes. It spreads when it comes in contact with person suffering with it. This flu attacks the person as the body does not have enough resistance to fight with disease. Therefore FLU SHOT vaccine is given to protect the body from infectious disease and another to increase the immunity or resistance to safeguard the body from this disease.


This is a drop given in mouth to fight with the disease causing paralysis. This is a viral infectious disease. It spread in unhealthy, dirty, crowded places mainly developing countries. Hence in India every month polio boots and camps are established to eradicate this disease.

Different organisation like WHO, UNICEF are also working on the topic of immunisation spreading knowledge and awareness about different diseases.