World Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day 2017

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness affecting the health, causing extreme fatigue. This disorder is mainly found in the people of 30-40 ages. This is a slow pace disorder hence people cannot judge about it. They think of a normal illness because of lack of awareness about this disorder. Some people feel its severe effects in their two –three month of illness while others may experience in five to six months. Therefore this illness varies person to person. People are not able to keep themself updated with recent research and also there is no sign or specific test been discovered to identify this illness. This is the basic cause of ignorance among people for this illness. Therefore a day is dedicated in order to make person aware about this illness in the world. In this day people get acquainted with the causes of this illness, how it effects the person, how to treat this disorder.


There is no basic cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. Only possibilities have been made that chronic fatigue Syndrome may cause because of these reasons:-

Pollution- causing some allergies

  • Anaemia- lack of iron in diet
  • Low blood sugar
  • Infection in whole body
  • Any viral infection

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

This illness has many symptoms. Hypertension, stress, mild or low blood pressure, whole body infection, lack of nutrients. In severe cases person may have sore throat, pain in joints and muscles, headache, lack of sleep and person may fatigue for unlimited periods of time.

Severe effects

In severe cases person cuts off with social circle, in depression person don’t want to take proper medication, he may gain lots of weight too.


The treatment of this illness is difficult as the symptoms of this illness are similar to the symptoms of many other diseases. Doctors get confused on what basis they give medication to patients. There are no specific tests or signs which can directly take the examiner to the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome. The doctor has to pass through different brief discussion and tests to identify the causes of this illness.

The only thing that patient can do is to avoid mental and physical stress. Make a proper schedule for yourself including all your routine activity. Proper resting is necessary. Fix your sleeping time. This will help in getting the habit of sound sleep. Make a proper schedule of exercising which can strength your muscles and immunity with the help of professional trainer. Also include yoga in your lifestyle to avoid hypertension, depression, stress and anxiety. Also doctor will prescribe medicines for improving sleep and for the allergies caused due to this illness to the patient. Though the patient becomes very sensitive because of this illness proper medication should be prescribed as some of the drugs may react to them causing severe problems. For this one should consult to doctor properly. Eat properly. A diet full of all nutrition, avoiding all those food products which may react to the body.