World Breastfeeding Awareness Week 2016

2016 World breastfeeding awareness aeek is August 1 - 7 and theme is "BREASTFEEDING: A Winning Goal - for Life"

Science has developed a lot. There are different ways of communication through which small area and places are connected with each other. Different modes of communication being developed everyday to spread breastfeeding information in each and every part of the world. It is very important to support, encourage and to prompt breast feeding. Therefore a week is being outlined for spreading the awareness about breast feeding. In this week we spread the knowledge about breast feeding, its advantages, advices and live discussion given on this topic.

Awareness given to pregnant women

In this week pregnant women come across with different benefits of breast feeding. In this stage expecting mother is very curious about her baby, she should also have knowledge about this aspect. She should acquire the information from doctors, nurse or any close relative how to feed the baby. She should prepare herself mentally.

Awareness given to new mother

When new one comes in life lots of responsibility also adds up in that. The right time to start breastfeeding to new one is the day he or she is born. It will take few days to get in practice. New moms should take advice from their close relative as this will help her to feed the baby in right way. Mother should drink plenty of water as breastfeeding leads to dehydration; also the quality of milk improves. New mother should take good diet. As feeding baby require lots of energy if you eat well then only you will develop your baby properly. Also right diet will give different nutrients to baby through milk.

The Best of Breastfeeding Awareness

This week also give knowledge to doctors. Doctors, physicians, gynaecologist should prompt breastfeeding to mothers. They should tell them about its advantages and disadvantages. They should tell them about the right way of feeding babies. Through this awareness program nurses and staff get updated with day to day welfares. In this week different programs being performed in hospitals and in different places giving knowledge about how to feed a baby, health related topics, hygiene, diet etc. 

Myths related to breast feeding

There are many assumptions being made by people that breastfeeding causes cancer, mother gain lots of weight, and causes lumps in breast, pains and all that.

This awareness week is being dedicated in order to remove all myths coped up in between people.

World breastfeeding week ideas

Breastfeeding is good for babies. It is prompted everywhere that mother milk is beneficial for baby. There is no other milk or its substitution being made as compared to mother’s milk. Mother milk is very healthy for baby. And when breastfeeding is given to baby he remains away from diarrhoea, pneumonia and many other diseases which are dangerous for new born. Mother’s milk contains all nutritional values which baby requires for development. Also when mother gives milk to baby there tie a special bond between them which is pure and beyond any description.