World Arthritis Day 2015

World arthritis day 2015 date - October 12 . World arthritis day 2015 theme is "'It's in your hands, take action" , 2014 theme is "Living Better Ageing Well".

World arthritis day is dedicated to aware the people relating to pains caused in knee, joints and other body parts. Arthritis is seen in every age groups-men women, children, and young people but mainly found in elderly people. Mostly the age group of 50-66 is affected with the problem of arthritis. This causes in pain, swellings, and stiffness in joints. Therefore a day has been dedicated in order to aware the people all over the world about arthritis. In this day person come across with problems related with arthritis, take the steps to tackle it. 

Awareness To Surgeons

This day surgeons, doctors medical community all come across with different techniques and modes related to arthritis.

Awareness to Men, Women, and Young People

This day different polls, canopies being installed in hospital and other medical centre for general public for the information of this disease. They tell about the problems, steps to be taken and proper treatment to be taken on right time. Here the employers talk about details of doctors, health care etc.

Effects of Arthritis

Arthritis causes pain in areas around hips, knees, enabling the person to stand and walk .This disease has severe effect on lives of person. Many people are not aware about this disease thinking pain is due to ageing. They take pain killers in order to relieve themself from pains. Therefore they don’t do anything for it.  Earlier arthritis shows minor problem then later it converted into severe and lifelong problems.

Severe Effect of Arthritis

Arthritis has severe effects. In some case replacement of joint been done. Surgical treatment is given to effected part. Science has developed in such an extent that stems cell therapy, cartilage surgery, medicines etc being introduced in India. This advance technique is helpful in solving the problem of arthritis to some extent.

Treatment of Arthritis

Proper resting is important in this case. He should take care of his diet. Also he should give hot fermentation to effected part of the body. There are many medicines which can reduce the effect of arthritis without having any side effects.